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Everybody might have an other idea what peace may be. But in the end it is that state of being in an environment where everybody can be at ease and does not have to fear for the other.

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What is peace and quiet?

Is it a babbling brook?

Is it total silence?

Is it peaceful conversation?

Is it cuddling?

Is it a room of your own?

Is it your own cubicle?

Is it a walk on a forest path?

Is it holding a newborn?

Is it an empty nest?

Is too much quiet a bad thing?

Do you crave the noise?

Do you need the hustle and bustle?

Maybe we need a balance

Maybe we need quiet and noisy

Maybe we just need breaks

Maybe we all need some peace and quiet

Maybe it’s part of a good life

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Youngster all over the world with the same dream

One World, One Heart Beating Official Music Video

An anthem to global unity sung and played – and with a video created – entirely by children, our and the world’s next generation.

You may purchase this song at OneWorldOneHeartBeating.com and help War Child help kids impacted by war.

We all have a roll to play in the cultivation of awareness of oneness.

Peace and conflict walk hand-in-hand throughout our lives. If we deny one then we deny both. As adults, we accept this unusual partnership. On one given day we may not feel that accommodating toward out loved ones and friends. On another given day we may want to shower them with adoration. So how can we — as adults — teach children Peace if we are at odds with ourselves and those around us?

writes Sarah Neeve in her March B4Peace Post–A Peaceful Resolution.


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  • Dream of Unity (joehannah.wordpress.com)
    Without words / she would then remind / that we are one / and the same / two hearts / one mind.
  • Youngsters awarded for community work (berwick-advertiser.co.uk)
    The Berwick Detachment of Northumbria Army Cadet Force, who raised over £3,000 for charities last year, were awarded £500 in recognition of their volunteering and charitable fundraising efforts.The Grove Special School support group received £750, which will help the school continue to provide informal education through a business and enterprise group. On top of this the young people run charity events and have used their ICT, Maths and English skills to raise money for the Help the Heroes.
  • March B4Peace Post – A Peaceful Resolution (sarahneeve.wordpress.com)
    Who can hold their hand up and say they remember a time from their youth (or even now) when someone lectured you about something you did wrong, or gave you a yawn-worthy explanation on how to do something a certain way. I’m guessing by the looks of it, quite a few of you, and yes, I’m typing this with one hand raised. But which of you will keep that hand raised, knowing in truth that we are also guilty of this too. I know I can.
    … if we wish to see the future through the eyes of our children, then we need to allow them free will to attain their own. By the means of their own beliefs and how they wish to see their world and not how we wish for them to see it. Permit them to make mistakes, for without those mistakes, how do they learn to grow and find the beauty and peace that is there waiting to be found.
  • How Self-confident Youngsters Can Elevate Assured Adults (mzpkkwjr.wordpress.com)
    Youth is the time for dreams, a time to discover what the opportunities are, and they are infinite! Youngsters haven’t been deprogrammed like grown ups. Listed here, I offer a couple techniques on “How Confident Kids Can Elevate Self-assured Older people”.
    Operating husbands have no option but to support their wives that are similarly operating normally the get the job done load will be much too a lot for the females.
  • You know your old when… (jaygparker.wordpress.com)
    … your listening to the radio and they do a “back in the day” segment and all the songs they play came out when you were in your thirties.
  • Daydreaming!!! (bigdifferenceoflife.wordpress.com) > Daydreaming!!!
     Obviously when people are getting older the frequency of daydreaming becomes lesser. That’s why they don’t like to see their children daydreaming (just a joke).
    This is why I really like day dreaming, when I daydream, I really see the life that I really want, I see the people whom I really love, I see the place where I really want to go etc. So personally, daydreaming really gives you a vision for your future and an inspiration for your life.
    When we dream more we      break the limits of our mind and we become more creative
     Daydream always makes you see the people whom you really have good relationship. That’s why teenagers and youngsters are more into daydreaming
  • DreamWorks Animator Turns Home Videos of His Son Into Action Movies (time.com)
    DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto has made home videos of his son seem like riveting scenes from action movies — from his three-year-old James picking out a toy in a toy store that turns into a lightsaber to the youngster blasting off into outer space at a McDonald’s PlayPlace.
  • This NWJHL also called the North To the west Junior Baseball Little league is a Youngster H nba based in Alberta (elsea477.wordpress.com)
    What age is it necessary to become to relax and play? The majority of players during this team happen to be 20 � 10, however youthful players perform and might participate in if they make a squad.
  • The Invitation2 (raphaelsheffield.wordpress.com)
    Our generation was the first from a people denied the opportunity to dream, who not only dreamed big but we were too young to believe in what other adults told us was impossible.In the years to come I would be blamed for leaving him behind. For forgetting about who we were to each other. I had to defend my actions, for following through with the dreams we built together. I was never asked how our dreams were doing, never visited,
  • Time’s up: Ukrainian youngster returns Putin’s present (euronews.com)
    Addressing the Russian leader by video Andrei Senko said: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, I want to appeal personally to you. Since childhood I was raised to love my Motherland, Ukraine, and love my people. I’m a peaceful person. But if needed, I am ready to protect peace in my land. I remember your words about your dreams. You said that you wanted everyone to be happy and live in peace, But you have lied to me. For that reason I have to return your gift.”
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