Reflectie voor 13 Juli: Drie belangrijke dingen in liefde en vriendschap

”In de liefde en in vriendschappen zijn drie dingen belangrijk: Respect, Begrip en Vergeving.”

Sonia Pereira


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Symphonie cosmique – Psaume 119.81-96

Symphonie cosmique

81 Je me fatigue à attendre ton aide,
j’attends avec espoir ce que tu diras.
82 Mes yeux se fatiguent à attendre ce que tu as promis.
Je demande: « Quand vas-tu me consoler? »
83 Je suis comme une outre séchée au-dessus du feu,
mais je n’oublie pas ce que tu veux.
84 Est-ce que tu me laisseras vivre longtemps encore?
Quand vas-tu juger ceux qui me font souffrir?
85 Des orgueilleux m’ont tendu des pièges,
et c’est contraire à ta loi.
86 Tous tes commandements sont vrais.
On me fait souffrir injustement, aide-moi!
87 Un peu plus, et ils me feraient disparaître de la terre!
Mais moi, je n’abandonne pas tes exigences.
88 Fais-moi vivre grâce à ton amour,
alors j’obéirai à tes ordres.
89 SEIGNEUR, dans le ciel,
ta parole est fixée pour toujours.
90 Tu restes fidèle de génération en génération.
Tu as fondé la terre, et elle est solide.
91 Aujourd’hui, tout existe à cause de tes décisions.
Oui, le monde entier est à ton service.
92 Si ta loi ne faisait pas toute ma joie,
dans mon malheur, je serais déjà mort.
93 Je n’oublierai jamais tes exigences,
par elles, tu me fais vivre.
94 Je suis à toi, sauve-moi,
car j’ai le souci de tes exigences.
95 Des gens mauvais m’attendent pour me faire mourir.
Moi, je suis attentif à tes ordres.
96 Je le vois, même ce qui est parfait a une fin,
mais ton commandement est sans limites.



Fatigue, désespoir, épuisement se ressentent jusque dans la chair. Quand tout val mal, le temps semble long, les conflits minent la santé. Seule l’assurance d’une Parole vraie peut raviver l’espérance. Nous pouvons compter sur une fidélité infaillible de Dieu. Quelle garantie! Ses promesses sont sûres. Dieu sera toujours notre secours lorsque nous mettrons notre confiance en lui.  <<Les tentations que vous avez connues ont toutes été de celles qui se présentent normalement aux hommes. Dieu est fidèle à ses promesses et il ne permettra pas que vous soyez tentés au-delà de vos forces; mais, au moment où surviendra la tentation, il vous donnera la force de la supporter et, ainsi, le moyen d’en sortir.>>. 1Cor 10.13

Psaume 119.81-96 (PdV)
Guide de lectures bibliques quotidiennes – Editions Bibli’O – Société biblique francophone

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It’s Not What You Say That Counts; It’s What You Don’t Say

The Media Training Blog

Today’s entry is an excerpt from my updated position paper, “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?” Stay tuned in weeks to come for more insights into how your body language affects your organization’s goals and your own career prospects.


Your audience is keeping an eagle eye on you as you speak. Yes, they are listening to your words. But they are also soaking up every gesture and vocal change you display. How important are these nonverbal cues?

Man statue

To better answer that question, let’s examine the story from a different angle. Imagine yourself not as the speaker, but as an audience member.

Picture in your mind the times you have attended presentations and couldn’t wait to escape the room. The speaker may have been a world renowned expert in his topic with top notch content. But he stood still in the dark while using slides as a crutch. Or spoke in…

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A World Made of Sentences

We can talk and talk, and for that we use sentences. We order words and do hope the one opposite us, listening to us can understand us.

We try to bring our knowledge into the open, and try to convey others of thoughts. All of our knowledge about anything we try to construct in any language known to us and can only be found in sentences.

Without language there is no knowledge (at least of the common type) about anything. {A World Made of Sentences, Part I: Sentences and the Perception or Reality}

We have our feelings when we see things. Those feelings we like to express and therefore we use our body language and the spoken language. It is just not for nothing, but has often a serious meaning for us to be able to express ourselves.

We should realize

Language does not act like a mirror, reflecting to us a perfect depiction of reality, it acts like a filter, it makes us see reality in particular ways. The way language is constructed and the popular usage of language at any given time in history and in any given culture on earth will create a different perception of what is real. {A World Made of Sentences, Part I: Sentences and the Perception or Reality}

does not see reality as it is. He writes

I see reality as an American male at the beginning of the 21st century sees it. Some of what I am seeing may be objectively accurate, much of it may not be. And I think it is very, very important to know the difference. That is why the contemplation of the relationship between our perception of reality and language is so important. If knowing what is real is important to us then we have to deconstructed how our current perception is being shaped by the sentences in our heads. {A World Made of Sentences, Part I: Sentences and the Perception or Reality}

We are often confronted with the problem that we are not good enough in expressing ourselves with words, placing one letter after the other in a certain order.

many of us who have tried to share our mystical revelations with others have found the language we commonly use woefully inadequate for the job. Many, many people have ventured out into the further reaches of human experience only to find fewer and fewer people that they can share that experience with. The language we have is just not adequate to allow us to share the mystery that has grabbed a hold of our hearts. {The Language of We-Mysticism}

How often do we not find that the language we are used to is too specific, too rigid and to literal and when we try to express ourselves with it the listener sometimes may understand it differently than we wanted it to come over. We have grown up with one or an other language and got it rooted in our current level of thinking. Constantly it is being fed and continually words come and go, some even changing of meaning (by time).

So many of us would love that our feelings are expressed so clearly that nobody can misunderstand them.

Our goal is not to speak about our experience, but to give our experience a voice. We are not looking at our experience and describing it. We are allowing that experience to take us over and speak through us so that even we are amazed at what comes out of our mouths. When this direct communication happens in more than one person simultaneously a spontaneous process of divine discourse unfolds. The higher mind … now has control of the conversation. It is thinking out loud though the voices of the individuals. It is spiritual improvisation of the highest order.   {The Language of We-Mysticism}

Please do come to find out how looks at language and thinks

Our language conditions our perception. It shapes the way we see things.

… Language chops reality into distinct pieces and creates distinctions. The distinctions that exist in any given language are those that are important for the people using that language. Our languages have evolved to organize and optimize human perception and human behavior. If circumstances change, or if you change your circumstances, the language you had before may no longer be optimal. In fact, your old language may have become a detriment. {A World Made of Sentences, Part I: Sentences and the Perception or Reality}

When we begin to suspect how much language might be influencing our perception of reality our fundamental conception of what is real and true starts to unravel. Have we been wrong to assume that language is an accurate reflection of reality? Is there even a ‘reality’ out there to be reflected back to us in the first place? In our journey toward deeper truth even these assumptions must be dragged into the illuminating light of inquiry.{A World of Sentences, Part 2: Language and the Reality of Reality}

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Reflectie voor 12 Juli: Terugkopen van verleden

”Niemand is rijk genoeg om zijn verleden terug te kunnen kopen.”

Oscar Wilde



English: Oscar Wilde, three-quarter length por...

Oscar Wilde, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated, leaning forward, left elbow resting on knee, hand to chin, holding walking stick in right hand, wearing coat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Reflectie voor 11 Juli: de smaak van Mislukking

”Mislukking is de specerij die succes zijn smaak geeft.”

Truman Capote


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Reflectie voor 10 Juli: Wordt een positieve coach

”Maak van je innerlijke stem een positieve coach.”

Marloes Zevenhuizen


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A door that closes on a relationship and to let go of someone

“Sometimes the strongest thing you will ever do will be to let go of someone.
It will be painful, you will suffer guilt, and you will second-guess yourself,
but for your own sanity and quality of life,
there will come a time where you hand them to God,
with your love, and trust Him to be who and what He is.
May our Lord comfort you.”

Lee Goff

“Sometimes the door closes on a relationship,
not because we failed but because something bigger than us says this no longer fits our life.
So, lock the door, shed a tear, turn around and look for the door that’s opened.
It’s a sign that you’re no longer that person you were,
it’s time to change into who you are. It’s going to be okay.”

Lee Goff

“Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get.
Life should be touched, not strangled.”

Ray Bradbury


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Go and make disciples of people of all the nations

Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations.—Matt. 28:19.

Consider the preaching of the good news that Jesus would have his followers do.

Zinzendorf preaching to people from many nations

Zinzendorf preaching to people from many nations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The method and the scope of the preaching work were new. In earlier centuries, people of the nations were welcomed when they came to Israel to serve Jehovah. (1 Ki. 8:41-43) That was before Jesus gave the command found in today’s text. Jesus’ disciples were told to “go” to all people. On the day of Pentecost 33 C.E., there was an early evidence of Jehovah’s changed strategy — that of a global evangelizing work. His holy spirit empowered about 120 members of the new congregation to speak miraculously in different tongues to Jews and proselytes. (Acts 2:4-11) Next, the territory expanded to the Samaritans. Then, in the year 36 C.E., it was further expanded to include the world of uncircumcised Gentiles. You might say that the field of preaching enlarged from a “pond” of Jews to an “ocean” of mankind. w16.03 4:12

A man from Jews for Jesus handing out flyers i...

A man from Jews for Jesus handing out flyers in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dutch version / Nederlandstalige versie: Gaat daarom en maakt discipelen van mensen uit alle natiën

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To proclaim the day of vengeance

Proclaiming: a task given to Christians

Go! Proclaim! Testify!

Scriptures and Thoughts about: Proclaim

Summer holiday time to knock and ask, and time to share


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Reflectie voor 9 Juli – Geluk uit eigen handelen

”Geluk ligt niet voor het oprapen. Het komt voort uit je eigen handelen.”

Dalai Lama


How to See Yourself As You Really Are

How to See Yourself As You Really Are (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Echt geluk, liefde en perfectie

Respect for all


Liefde is poëzie // Poëzie is liefde


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  12. Hoe is jouw film van je leven?
  13. Heb een echte gelukkige dag vandaag!


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