Several writers who wanted just to write an article for the lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes, once or sometimes, but not on a regular basis, needed a place to prepare their article(s) and to publish it on the net. For Stepping Toes readers to look for all the guest-writings a way had to be found to find all those guest-speakers their articles under one heading. From there the creation of this site and the separate marking on Stepping Toes, as if it was from one writer.

Sometimes it can be they want to write some article not suitable for the lifestyle magazine, but still interesting enough to present to the general public, or that one or the other writer wants to reblog an article because he or she finds it worthwhile to promote or wants to comment on it or want to write an article about it. Those separate writings you might find here, but most of the writings shall be placed on Stepping Toes, where we do hope to find you as a regular reader.

See you there!

The team of writers.


We also would like to promote other associated authors and their blogs:

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  7. Thanks for stoping by and link my blog. I apreciated it..

    Greetings from Minangkabau, West Sumatera, Indonesia


  8. Though intrigued, I’m not quite certain what this site is. I look forward to checking it out and learning more. In the meantime, I am honored that you visited my humble “pictured words” site, and chose to link to my poem regarding the horror in Nice. Thank you, and God bless you.



    • This is a Christian site which tries to present, like a readers digest, interesting articles which appeared on the internet and which also offers some thoughts on the way we live and on what happens in the world.

      The Guestwriters may be from all sorts of denominations and the articles mentioned in the related articles of interest may even be written by non or other believers.

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    • Having had some more time we do hope you came to find out more about this site and have a better impression of its aims and thoughts.

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  9. Thank you for including my blog post on your site.


  10. Thank you for appreciating and following my projects, Guestpeaker.
    If you have the time and/or the inclination you can find other work here:
    Or here:



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