Take Notice: Unspoken Rules

Mind of Terry

An unspoken rule is a rule or behavioral constraint imposed on a group but isn’t written down or spoken about.

There are many unspoken rules in our society that we have because they’re mostly  associated with the logical action needed to be taken. Some typical rules that you would be familiar with would be the following.

  • Letting people exit an elevator before entering that same elevator.
  • Don’t cut people off when they’re in the middle of sentence.
  • Always chew with your mouth closed.
  • If somebody tells you personal information, don’t go around telling other people unless they asked you to.

What happens when an unspoken rule is broken?

There is two things that would need to happen for this:

1. You weren’t aware of the rule or mistakenly forget.

Somebody may politely explain the rule to you and then expect you to follow it from then on.


2. You…

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