Self versus Perceived Self

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For the purpose of introduction, the self is a common concept that is either privately or generally perceived and conceived.

Talking about private or generic perceptions of self, what is the self?

Many premises have been laid on this concept. Some view it as a representation of a person. Others see it as intrinsic features that constitute an individual. For this context, the self is a subjective view of a person and their social, religious and political standings.

Well, that’s by the way.
Let’s come down to private and public perceptions of self: do people see you the way you see yourself?

Self and personality are two concepts that hardly correspond to people’s views.

In consequence, there is usually a floating ego that earns no penny.

Here are the points:

  1. You are not always who you think you are. You may think you are dedicated to your students or the…

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