A key to effortless weight loss

After the Winter holidays, lots of people have the intention of the new year to lose some weight.

You may be disappointed to learn that despite the $255 billion global diet industry, £2 billion in the UK, objective studies show broad agreement that diets don’t work.

“I would agree with that,”

says Trine Balsvik,

“Eating less, focussing only on calories, it’s the worst, depressing, infuriating. Totally miserable. That’s not a life.”

Do you eat your evening meal early at 6pm or, like many of those who live in the Mediterranean, later at closer to 9pm?

New research shows that avoiding late eating could be an effective (and pain-free) way to lose weight for good. Kate Spicer explains the benefits of sticking to an eating “window” – and has some top tips for old-fashioned early suppers.

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