Are School Curriculums Promoting Gender Stereotypes?

There is always a certain way of life associated with certain times. Each people have their own traditions and moral standards, which can also change a lot over the years.

A square quartered into four head shots of young men with moptop haircuts. All four wear white shirts and dark coats.

The Beatles in 1964, the awesome four whose hairstyle was considered much too long and not for boys.

In Western Europe, it was so unheard of in the 50s60s for girls to wear skirts shorter than calf height. Boys, on the other hand, were supposed to keep their hair very short. There were a lot of arguments when boys wished to wear their hair as long (if even still very short) as the Beatles’ hair.

As youngsters, we still saw our father walking in a swimming costume that covered the chest completely and came to half the thigh. Short bathing panties were also unheard of for us.

In our hippie years, we did a lot of work to change certain norms and values. But in certain areas, it still took years before society was open to valuing women and certain gender groups.


To remember

  • irrational body standards set by our institutions + how they influence our perception – of both societies as well as ourselves.
  • primary school played a huge role in making young girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies.
  • bothering of female students begins with onset of their menstrual cycle
  • unsaid mathematical equation > length of skirt = directly proportional to immoral attitude
  • access to sports was heavily shriveled
  • straight boys not spared
  • teachers insulting boys for wearing earrings to school
  • stereotyping = boys, on average, understand science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) better <> girls perform better in reading, writing + handicraft => classroom discourses > similar behaviour among kids – each student showing conformity to their respective gender roles.
  • National Curriculum Framework 2005 prioritizes gender-sensitive education = means of attaining quality education. CBSE, acting under NCERT’s directives> designed kit on gender sensitivity => practice gender-sensitive learning => journey towards a gender-sensitive culture



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By – Arusha upadhyay

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.

-Malala Yousafzai

Like a lot of us, the lockdown provided me with a chance to ponder over the irrational body standards set by our institutions and how they influence our perception – of both societies as well as ourselves.

My primary school played a huge role in making me and other young girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies. Like most educational institutions, my school associated shame with a spotted skirt or a short-length skirt and normalized the usage of sexist and homophobic slurs. Our sports teacher would often stop girls who wore “short skirts” from playing on the pretext of “what if a guy saw you in this skirt?” My school never had a female cricket or football team, and even the little access to sports was heavily shriveled. This led to an…

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