Designing Dreams

Subliminal Landscapes

From the
ribbed, vaporous vaults
he descends,
jumping out
of a Gothic window
at an immeasurable height
in the tremulous castle
of the night.
There is stealth
and secrecy
in the cradle of his
somnolent arms.

What will you morph as
Will you give me your wings
to fly over the flying buttresses,
or leave me
on the eaves?
Gargoyles are frightening
so take me somewhere

Away from the noise
we shall scale
the mysterious peaks.
I want to go farther up
and jump off the loftiest ledge
covered with ice.
Glide down the
icy air with my arms
open wide,
and swim
like a skydiver.

Shelter me in your arms
for this world is a
ravenous beast.

© Shalini Garg 2022

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