Abode of Light

Subliminal Landscapes

I set out to
explore the home
of light,
I wander
in the darkest of caves
and the densest of forests,
dark depths of the
relentless ocean
and the farthest end
of the pitch-black space.

Is it not where the
light dwells?
In bioluminescence
at the ocean floor,
fire of the stars
up above, shooting
in the night sky?

I am so small,
a speck,
barely visible in the
endless cosmos.
I am an assemble
of the fragments
of the same universe.
Fluid in my veins
keeps pulsating a
primeval song,
toward light.

The citadel of darkness
is invincible
and intimidating.
Some say to find light
one must
embrace darkness,
for it is the womb
which cracks open
to give birth
to light.

As I do that,
a torch
within me
to cut through
the dark bastion.

© Shalini Garg 2022

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