A selection of articles for Healthy Living – December 2022

midlife weight gain

Three stories you should read today

How to shift midlife weight gain for good
We’ve identified five reasons your stomach might be less svelte now than in your youth – and what you can do to regain your waist

‘The NHS said I had to wait three years – so I went to Lithuania’
Seeking treatment abroad is often cheaper than going private in the UK and there are no lengthy NHS waiting lists, but there are risks

The black mould hotspots in your home – and how to beat them
Those dreaded spots could pose a bigger threat than ever this winter. Here’s how to fight the fungus

Three things to do now to avoid the winter sniffles

Don’t let the yuletide lurgy get you down this Christmas – use these easy preemptive steps to boost your immunity

To help you out today

There is a sense that we have moved on from the pandemic – but for our children, this is not the case, writes Bryony Gordon. Find out why – and how you can help.
Gaslighting is officially the word of the year – and the meaning is evolving. Find out how it could be happening to you with Shane Watson’s guide to the seven different types.
Adult ADHD
Rates of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are skyrocketing, particularly among over-40s. Find out what’s behind the rise of midlife ADHD, plus the telltale signs.
Christmas widow
‘Every year my husband volunteers in a homeless shelter – but he never lifts a finger at home,’ writes our anonymous author. Find out why she’s tired of being a Christmas widow.

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