Nature exposure is associated with a range of physical and psychological well-being benefits

Already, all my life I am convinced and promote people going out into nature and enjoy the surroundings. I always advised people who had physical as well as mental problems to get out into nature and do a lot of exercise. I also advised people to come to terms with their own bodies as much as possible, accept that body as it was given to them, or work on it in such a way that it fell more in their line.

“Positive body image is important not only in its own right, but has other beneficial effects, including more positive psychological wellbeing.

say also scientific researchers.

In contrast to previous studies which have focused on the impact of blue and green natural environments on body image outcomes, the Medical University of Silesia research

“is the first to show the positive impact on body appreciation from spending time in snow-covered environments.”

Lead author Dr Kamila Czepczor-Bernat, of the Medical University of Silesia, said:

“A body of evidence now exists showing that nature exposure – living close to, frequenting, or engaging with environments such as forests and parks – is associated with a range of physical and psychological wellbeing benefits.

Senior author Viren Swami, Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), added:

“Natural environments help to restrict negative appearance-related thoughts and shift attention away from an aesthetic view of the body and toward greater appreciation of the body’s functionality.

“Our findings demonstrate the importance of ensuring that everyone can access restorative natural environments, which may be a cost-effective way of promoting healthier body image, and highlight that there are significant benefits of being outside in nature, whatever the weather.”

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