Antrodia Camphorata

to remember:

  • Antrodia = genus of fungi in the family Fomitopsidaceae = effused-resupinate = lie stretched out on the growing surface > hymenium exposed on outer side + turned out at edges to form brackets.
  • Most species found in temperate & boreal forests > cause brown rot.
  • Antrodia includes some medicinal fungi >  Antrodia camphorata = highly valued medicinal mushroom in Taiwan (known as Niu-Chang), where it is commonly used as an anti-cancer, anti-itching, anti-allergy, anti-fatigue, and liver protective drug in Taiwanese Traditional medicine.
  • three distinct phylogenetic lineages with the Antrodia genus



Antrodia mushrooms a well kept secret

Antrodia Camphorata , harta karun dunia

Antrodia is a genus of fungi in the family Fomitopsidaceae. Antrodia species have fruiting bodies that typically lie flat or spread out on the growing surface, with the hymenium exposed to the outside; the edges may be turned so as to form narrow brackets. Most species are found in temperate and boreal forests, and cause brown rot. Some of the species in this genus are have medicinal properties, and have been used in Taiwan as a Traditional medicine.Contents [hide]
1 Description
2 Medicinal properties
3 Classification
4 Distribution
5 Species
6 References


Antrodia are effused-resupinate, that is, they lie stretched out on the growing surface with the hymenium exposed on the outer side, but turned out at the edges to form brackets. When present, these brackets are typically white or pale brown. The pores on the surface of the hymenium may be round or angular. The context is white…

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