Concerns about puberty blockers

It seems that the prescribing of puberty blockers to kids nearly always sets them on the path to cross-sex hormones and surgery. In the US, they can be given to those as young as eight or nine.

These drugs have been described as reversible (although the NHS is not so sure), lifesaving and as giving children a pause to work out who they are. They are part of the “trans affirmative” healthcare demanded by activists and to question this is to be deemed transphobic. The more children who identify as trans, the more these drugs that block the production of oestrogen or testosterone are given out.

In the UK, there have been worries about brain development, and after Dr Hilary Cass’s review, the Gender Identity Development Service at the Tavistock – which had seen a huge uptick in the number of girls being prescribed blockers – was shut down. She said that instead of buying teenage girls time to make a decision, “puberty-blockers may disrupt that decision making process”.

After years of demonising ‘terfs’, the New York Times, a bastion of liberal thought, finally accepts that more research is needed on puberty blockers.

Read more about it: Even the New York Times is waking up to the truth about trans

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