Must-visit British villages easy to appreciate

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Bourton-on-the-hill in Gloucestershire is home to characterful stone cottages and stunning views of the Cotswolds. Credit: Alamy

These must-visit villages are beautiful and also good for our health

Katherine Lovage<br> By Katherine Lovage,
Good afternoon,

From cobbled streets to thatched roofs, British villages are easy to appreciate. Lured in by flora, fauna and a peaceful way of life, there’s a reason why so many poets have written rural idylls.

Spending time in the countryside brings health benefits, too. In fact, a recent study showed that being surrounded by nature reduced PMS symptoms and another reported that village life helps the mind stay sharp in old age.

For me, the biggest point-scorer for villages is a silent night, a far cry from my noisy city dwelling. I’ve been woken up by all manner of things in the past year: drunks howling outside my bedroom window, moped accidents on my doorstep and one rather lewd event that it’s best I don’t detail. While I’m sure these things happen in the countryside, I imagine at not quite the same rate…

To discover some of the best spots that Britain has to offer, try scrolling through this feature on Britain’s most desirable villages. I particularly like the look of chocolate-box Beaulieu in Hampshire and Oxwich on the Gower Peninsula. And whether you’re considering a big move or a short break, this list of the most beautiful villages in England is sure to provide some inspiration.

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