The key to self-motivation is self-esteem

Self-motivation is rooted in self-esteem, writes Christian Dashiell in Fatherly.

“Self-motivated kids have a core belief that they can do hard things or things that might feel unpleasant, even when they fail at first,”

says educational psychologist Richelle Whittaker. One way to help kids build that sort of confidence is to allow them to help around the house — even when it’s inconvenient. Encourage kids when they take an interest in a new activity, and if possible, join them in the challenge and model the persistence involved in mastering a new skill. It’s fine to use treats or screen time to boost a child’s motivation, but remember that the

“incentivization that works best for developing self-motivated kids focuses on effort, initiative, and persistence — not simply on task completion,”

writes Dashiell. [Fatherly]

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