Dancing Through Life by Cindy Georgakas

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Photo by Oswaldo Ibáñez on Unsplash

Dancing Through Life

by Cindy Georgakas, Monthly Contributor
site: www.uniquelyfit.net

Words dance on and off the page as I awake.

Every word flows like a ballerina doing perfect priorates in cadence with the music.

In my dream I wrestle with the beast of sleep and my unconscious, practicing sequences and sentences that collide into a rainbow mirage of reflection.

When tensions are high and I’m at the edge of my rhythmic step or poetic prose, I throw my body right to the edge of my threshold, dancing like dervishes, who turn as on a dime, graceful and creative as I rhythmically break through the next barrier.

And so it is with life as we dance through our day and face whatever obstacle is thrown at us, getting our toes stepped on more than once.

We must learn to go with the flow and practice…

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