Who knows, July and August will be recorded as the warmest and driest months in Europe since records began.

One can only hope that now, with all the fires and other natural disasters that are coming to our regions, there will be a greater awareness that something must be done to combat global warming.

Jewish Young Professional

Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-brown-bare-tree-on-brown-surface-during-daytime-60013/

Grass grows patchy in bristling brown spikes
(if it grows at all).  The smooth-complexioned 
face of land now cracks 
under unrelenting heat.  Fields once flush
with fruits go barren, pleading

through parched throats and chapped lips 

that no kiss of water
or answered prayer
has yet come to soften,

for August doesn’t care 
about religion or rain dances.


FOWC, W3, dVerse. I took inspiration from Timothy Price.

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6 responses to “Drought

  1. What’s distressing is that these events keep happening, even more frequently, but don’t lead to any more action being taken by world leaders.


    • Very well noted. The ordinary citizen is left out in the cold while governments are most concerned with capital gains, often at the expense of the environment, but they do not care.

      That is why it is important that citizens make their voices heard and take action, even if only locally, to protect the environment as best they can.

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      • I don’t want to be a miserable old sod, but do politicians listen to demonstrations? I agree about taking actions at a local level though. Every little bit helps.


        • If citizens persist, politicians will feel a certain pressure and become aware that they could lose votes if they do not respond to the people’s requests. They just need to have the courage to protest long enough and show those politicians that they mean business.

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