Arthritis getting you down?

Arthritis getting you down? Positive thinking could ease your symptoms

Arthritis symptoms can be helped by positive thinking, Lancet research has suggested.

Some 800,000 people in the UK suffer from inflammatory rheumatic diseases, which can cause fatigue, discomfort and difficulty sleeping.

Studies have found that four in five such patients live with fatigue every day, affecting their ability to concentrate, go to work and live independently.

People who were offered either talking therapy or exercise interventions also reported improved mental health and quality of life, compared to those who received usual care.

Experts said that hundreds of thousands of people with conditions such as arthritis could combat symptoms of fatigue with exercise and talking therapy.

People with inflammatory rheumatic diseases – which include conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and axial spondyloarthritis – could benefit from the treatments and they should be used as part of routine care, experts added.

> Read more how a Study claims that sufferers who receive talking therapies see improvements in their condition than those on standard treatment :

Arthritis getting you down?



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