Be wise for thyself

Are we tired of exercising our mind thus? Do we begin to feel apathy with regard to understanding?
What then? Well, what happens to any man who tires on any road? Suppose he be a traveller in the snowy wastes of Russia; he tires, lies down, is frozen to death or eaten by wolves. Or suppose he be in the arid deserts of Africa; he tires, lies down, dies, and the vultures devour his flesh. Or suppose a man be in business, and tires in the direction of his affairs. He has splendid prospects, but he tires. What comes of it but failure and ruin?
Now then, are we going to tire here? Are we going to cease the exercise of the understanding on matters which are of the supremest importance of all?
If so, what is before us? Nothing but present misery and future perdition. ‘Present’ misery, for where can we get satisfaction and joy if not in the way of godliness. There is no satisfaction in folly.
…the Truth… is a place of comfort and peace. Whatever else we do, let us not weary in the way of understanding. It is a spring of life even now, and a source of glory inconceivable in time to come. Let us open our eyes. Let us look at God. He comes to be a fact to us at last. Understanding sees He must be, and the whole mind and feeling at last sets in the conviction that He is.
Seasons 1: 8

Nick Kendall

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