Risk of accidental war with Russia highest in decades, general warns

Britain’s most senior military officer has warned there is “a greater risk” of an accidental war with Russia now than at any time during the Cold War. In an eve of Remembrance Sunday interview with Times Radio, General Sir Nick Carter, chief of the defence staff, said the threat of “escalation leading to miscalculation” was “a real challenge”. The four-star general spoke as tensions were spiralling with President Putin’s regime over fears that it is preparing to invade Ukraine and the use of mass migration as a weapon. Asked whether tensions with Russia and the risk of a war were greater now than at any stage in his 44-year career, Carter said:

“Yes. When you and I were growing up, it was a bipolar world. Two blocks, the Soviet Union and the West. We’re now into a period where it’s more multipolar.”

The general said that Russia was prepared to go to any lengths to undermine western Europe and the US, including using mass migration and cutting Europe’s gas supply.

There is no doubt that things are approaching a conclusion. Russia has been preparing for conflict since Putin came to power in the year 2000. The British general is warning that accidental war with Russia now at its highest risk since the Cold War. America is also concerned about Russian intentions because recent trends carry echoes of the run-up to Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine was once part of the original territory of Magog. We know that Gog (the Russian leader) is “of the land of Magog”. It makes sense then for Putin to want to control that area – and it also makes sense he will control at the time of the end. All this leads us to the conclusion there could well be more conflict in this region – and it make come very soon….

Andy Walton

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