House of Lords in danger of voting for assisted suicide

It cannot be said that the occupants of the UK’s House of Lords, elderly though they may be, are in danger of voting for assisted suicide in a fit of absence of mind. Over the past 20 years, 482,000 words have been spoken on the issue.

One of the most pertinent remarks in last week’s debate on Baroness Meacher’s bill was, to my surprise, made by a noble lord who has often featured in BioEdge, but as a fertility expert, Baron [Robert] Winston.

He said:

“It raises the most important moral question and needs clarity without euphemism. ‘Assisted dying’ could equally be applied to palliative care, so the Bill’s title does not represent what is really intended. The word ‘euthanasia’—from the Greek ‘eu’, meaning well or good, and ‘thanatos’, meaning death—is what we are actually talking about.”

Read about it at greater length in BioEdge’s lead story.> House of Lords debates assisted suicide—again

Michael Cook    

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