Helping end plastic waste

Investing in innovation is necessary to help #EndPlasticWaste,
because you never know what scalable solution is just around the corner.
Find out more about the new innovations that make a future free from plastic waste possible: #Commit2Action

These 7 innovations are making circularity quicker and easier

  1. Robot sorting
  2. Filtering rivers
  3. Tracking plastics
  4. Rethink recycling
  5. New materials
  6. Recycling insights
  7. Waste analytics

The “circular economy” is a buzzword familiar from corporate reports and mission statements everywhere. But if you’ve been diligently reducing your use of single-use plastics, putting your plastic packaging from the supermarket in the recycling bin, or reusing whenever you can—you’ve unknowingly been helping to build the circular economy for years.

Embracing circular economy practices is a complex challenge for industries that needs to involve the entire value chain of a product. Fortunately, a range of technological solutions are available to offer solutions.

Read more about it:

  1. These 7 innovations are making circularity quicker and easier
  2. The circular economy explained



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3 responses to “Helping end plastic waste

  1. consume less, and it will get better,amen

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  2. This is really interesting.


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