Where did we come from and who are we?

Having started a new year after one we probably all want to forget very quickly, we do hope soon to come out of the darkness.

At the beginning of all times there was also darkness and void. There was no form when everything came into being. In 2020 lots of things seemed to have lost form and meaning. Suddenly there seemed something wrong with the world. All over the globe people had become frightened by what one president smilingly called the Chinese disease. Many came to wonder:

What has gone wrong with the world? What can we do to fix it? How now shall we live?

2020 was a year that gave us enough time to think. Many were in isolation in their own home or were locked up in a care home. Lots of people suddenly got enough time for themselves and their own family. They got now some time to reflect on the response to the first and most foundational of these questions  –

where did we come from?


Where are we going to?

There are a limited number of answers at our disposal: We came about by chance (the naturalist contention), we don’t really exist (the Hindu response), or we were spoken into existence by God. Some believe mankind was placed here on earth by extraterrestrials.

For the Christian, the answer to

“Where did we come from and who are we?”

gives a foundation for thinking that no other answer gives. Because we were created, there is value in each person. There is meaning and purpose to every life. There is Someone above and outside our existence who stands over it as authority.

As human beings, all created in the image of God, somehow we all can carry something of God in us, even without knowing it or willing to know. Several people claim Jesus is God because there is written he was in the image of God. They forget that the first Adam was also created in God’s image like all the other human beings, but for sure they are not God, the same way as Jesus is not God.

Last month several Christians celebrated the birth of a man who changed the course of this world. They claim to be his followers though reject many of his words, his teachings and those values as a part of shaping our culture for the future. They look at a King, but forget that he came from the root of another king (King David).

Perhaps this world has gone “buzark” because people living in this materialist world have forgotten those important ethics and values. For centuries people were truthful to the teachings of Jesus, but they were always in the minority because their way of life was based on something not of this world that the world no longer recognizes.

After the darkness and isolation of the CoViD year there is some hope with the upcoming vaccines. Let us also hope more people would come to the realisation that we seriously have to do something to protect the animals and the nature around us. This so maniest coronavirus was a very serious one which had brought the economy and life to a standstill. It was a time to reflect and to think about the way we are treating mother nature.

With the opening of the “Newer Year” we do hope you and our other readers would find the way to make the best out of this life.

Stay healthy & All the best for 2021


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4 responses to “Where did we come from and who are we?

  1. You start to pose very good questions. What has the production of COVID vaccines to do with the discussion you begin with? What is your reasoning for Jesus believers to make a priority of looking after animals and mother nature? Which values are you thinking of in order that we make the best out of this life? How are all these answers shaped by our experiences in the last year and the points you make above? All the best to you as we consider these big questions.


    • Mankind has made a mess of mother nature. It is through our own carelessness that we allow the possibility of developing certain diseases.
      Believers in God and in His son Jesus should take up their responsibility. As creatures of the Most High we should have respect for Jehovah’s creation and take care of it. Showing respect for the Divine Creator His Work brings with it to take care of the earth and it habitants, not just showing brotherly love to human beings, but also showing love to animals and making sure nothing bad happens to them.

      When people would follow the Godly instructions they would be able to make something good of their life, avoiding a lot of difficulties. When following the commandments given by God, Jesus and the governments in charge one avoids troubles and even penalties.

      Placing these matters in the corona time and corona measures, those who followed the rules of social distancing, washing the hands regularly and thoroughly, wearing mouth masks or caps, not going to places where there could be lots of people and not going to red zones, we would already find one way to keep us safer than those who would not listen to the distance regulations.

      Since March we do not have any church service or Bible study in real life. Everything is done over the electronic way by Zoom, Hangouts, Houseparty, Jitsi and some other applications which give us the opportunity to speak with people from all over the world. We never stopped having a Breaking of bread or having Bible Studies and Sunday Schools. All our members followed the rules of their respective government and that way none of our members, except a few health workers got infected. Also our elderly homes seemed to have been safe by avoiding people coming in from outside, though that was and still is a serious isolation for those elderly, who find a lot of comfort in Scriptures and were pleased with the help of the nurses to use the modern media to be in cantact with their beloved ones.


      • Yes, this is all good. Your highlight respect, taking care and rule following as key actions. Amen to those. I wonder whether we can have an even more ambitious vision, responding to God’s initial charge to rule over God’s creation. Or do you think that lapsed following Genesis 3?


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