Dear Mr. President

Clearly after some months in his chair D. Trump proved already he was the first president to get so fast so much division in those many States of America which became more and more divided as time past.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

mr-presidentDear Mr. President,

You won! Congratulations. Now that you’ve installed yourself in the Oval Office and surrounded yourself with a cabinet that appears to be mined from the nightmares of the liberal left, a few things, if I may.

Please don’t speak of the MAJORITY. The fact is, the majority of Americans voted against you. Sure, you won the election, and there is plenty of back and forth over the system that allowed that victory, but at the end of the day, the MAJORITY of Americans don’t want you there. In fact, I’d say the MAJORITY of Americans loathe you, both personally and the policies you stand for. Of course, I have no proof of that, but if I had to guess, I’d say at least 1 to 1.5 million more Americans actively loathe you than don’t. I’ll get the National Parks Department on it right away for proof.

So, in…

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11 responses to “Dear Mr. President

  1. Stefaan Vermeire

    It seems that I am mistaken when I thought that christadelphians don’t want to be involved in politics…


    • Dear Stefaan, Jesus came up for those who could not speak for themselves and also defended people. We too have to have agape love and speak for those with no voice or have to come up against those who bring others in danger.
      As such we also not only have to protect and come up for people, but also give nature, i.e. plants and animals, a voice.

      There are Christadelphians who do find Christadelphians should not be involved with politics, but they forget their founder was very active in politics which made that he and those other Christadelphians who were politically active in World War I and World War II could avoid many Christian brothers being killed for treason or refusing to go under the arms.


    • Stefaan please also remember:
      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” (Martin Luther King Jr.)


    • One part of brotherly love is daring to speak up and to react to situations when they do not seem righteous, correct or endangering others.

      We do agree there are lots of Christadelphians who say we may not vote or be politically active. We for that reason also received more than once negative reactions from brothers worldwide.
      Concerning the political activity many do forget how Dr. Thomas by his political actions created also the name Christadelphians to come to an agreement with the president that all those religious people who belonged to Christadelphia had not to go fighting in the civil war. In both World Wars there also were Christadelphians defending those Christadelphians who by their faith did not want to take up arms. It is by their political actions several Christadelphians in several countries were not shot dead.
      Already decades several Christadelphians, like us, are active in the East to bring believers in Christ in safety. It is only by our political contacts, co-operation with the United Nations Organisations and several NGO’s that we can get people out of prison and bring people over from dangerous zones into safe countries. Without our political involvement that would not be possible.
      Those who find such activism is not allowed and that a Christian can not do such work should think about all the lives which are already been saved and can be saved in the future. They should think also about what brotherly love means and how far one can or may go. And where in the Bible is written that one may not be politically active or give an open expression of one’s thoughts?

      Concerning the voting, those against it, forget that Jesus himself said we have to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. That includes when a country asks to vote people should bring out their vote and express their opinion. In Belgium voting is compulsory (except from next Municipality election onwards for the local government, those being for the first time free to vote or not) and therefore also when one is a Christadelphian one should fulfil the citizen’s duty.

      Concerning having ideas about certain situations it should be possible to discuss them and to accept that others have another opinion. So, it is your full right to love Trump, but at the same time, out of our love for humankind, we think we should put his actions in the light of morals and ethics.
      We also consider it very hypocrite when Christadelphians would not dare to express their opinion, though themselves having strong opinions in their mind, the same as them not protecting people who could be in danger or done unrighteous things, by certain actions of certain people. It can be very easy to stand at the sideline and stay quiet, as long as oneself is not affected.

      Food for thought!


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