Just a thought for this month of Changing colours in Western Europe

The North and West of Belgium may look like a country full of bricks, full of houses with here and there some green trying to stay straight and alive. Where there can be found trees and fields the landscape is changing to red, yellow and golden colours. In the little gardens we may have mushrooms are the living proof we are in fall.

From the Schmidlin Family Farm we hear that at their place, in the Pacific Coast Range of Northern Oregon,

Fall seemed to only last a week this year in the Pacific Northwest.

the vibrant hues of the trees as the leaves turned from greens to wild splashes of color was only in full display a short while.

Trees with leaves ready to fallStorms that came in from the ocean sent wind and rain driving sideways at times. They lashed at the vegetation and ripped the tender stems of the leaves right off the trees that are drifting into slumber in preparation for the cold ahead. {From Vivid To Bare}

For the moment in Belgium we did not receive our portion of Autumn storms, but the temperature indicators do not seem to know where to go, one day cold the other day warm (? 17° C) for the time of year.

This year in Flemish Brabant the trees started already becoming brown in July (because of the water shortage for two years already), though in the South of France in September we could find lovely green colours and later in October them starting to give way to red, yellow and gold. They want to show the world they are strong and not yet willing to give away the crown they may be in the sky. Whilst mother earth cries unto them they sing their song in the wind, calling for memories and tricking us into lovely walks in nature.

At some places in Europe the birches are master of the surroundings. At the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve it won’t be long until they lose their leaves, so the  park strongly advise to get out there now – or we’ll miss the best autumn colours!

Loch Kinord has been looking especially pretty with the yellow birches. There’s just something about reflections on water that makes things extra-beautiful. {Golden Autumn Days – Muir of Dinnet NNR}

How long did we looked forward to sunny and warm days, and how quickly they are gone. Though at for some years, at certain times in Belgium it looked like we only had two seasons, a wet one and a wetter (and colder) season. With global warming we are treated with more extremes, hotter days but also more heavy winds and rainstorms. Some parts in West Europe receive in a few hours the amount of water which would normally fall there in three months. Without any concession, the water takes everything it can grab and drags it along into the depths or miles further to throw it on one large scrap heap. Cleaning up is all what rests for those who could survive the sudden torrent.

Is it not water then there are the flames which love to lick the earth and get tourists flee their resorts of rest. That way the flames get those fleeing people thinking about the drought and how they too are responsible for what is going on with nature which seems to have lost its wheel.

Is it the slow speed by which this year wants to announce the coming Winter, that I may be feeling a little bit down? Or is it my awareness that mankind has not treated his surroundings very well? Is it me feeling like man has lost his connection with mother earth or not willing to take care of it any more?

Though Fall brings us such magnificent colours and when we look at the many blogs and at Instagram, we are treated with an incredible world of magic. But that magical colourful world is something which seems to be far away from the industrialised economical world of West Europe. Most people not receiving enough time to go to the parks and to enjoy the changing nature.

The trees call out and reach to the people down there. But they do not seem to hear or seem not wanting to see. Even when youngsters already for months call those in charge of governments to become aware that we should turn our way of life and have to make serious measure to protect our earth.

Let those voices on the streets in the big cities know that their honest cry is heard, by those who can live in that beautiful nature, which seems to be  strangled by industry and by profit-seeking investors. The trees may be leaning in close to encourage another and want to give the people who live around them the lovely sweets of a year of pride standing high above the earth and streaming water. Now

it’s as though
Heaven itself conjoins with Earth. {Encouragement}

Is it not that the youngsters of today could also need some encouragement? Or should they become the driving force to get those older people coming to change their attitude of life? Perhaps the roles have to be switched and in this age it have to be the younger ones to bring the older ones to the senses?

It is just my (feeling down) thought for today.



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7 responses to “Just a thought for this month of Changing colours in Western Europe

  1. I read many times what you said about encouragement and still it makes no sense to me. Regardless of age, all of us need encouragement. One group of people are not better then another group. We are all ONE. When we learn to reach out to others who are ready for encouragement, regardless of the age, miracles happen. It’s not either or. FYI …. I’m an “older” person who is aware and awake and who is constantly reaching out to others in love, in peace, and in encouragement. I do not have to be brought to my senses, for I am very aware of all of my facilities and my senses as well.


    • For sure all people should be looked at and treated equally. Not “One group of people” should be considered better of of more value than an another group. It would be nice if we could say “We are all ONE.”, but we are afraid we are still a long way from that oneness. Lots of people create division and in most countries all over the world there is a lot of difference between the casts and societal positions. In the world there is still too much difference between the rich and the poor, between shareholders, managers and workers. Equality on the workfloor is often still to look for. In many countries there is also no gender equality yet or no acceptance yet for those who are different, transgenders, homosexuals, etc.

      Lots of people may be looking for whom they are and have to go a long way before they reach the answers on the many questions which bother their head.

      Nice to hear you are “an “older” person who is aware and awake and who is constantly reaching out to others in love, in peace, and in encouragement”. Our society needs such persons. We can use such writers who bring some positive thoughts to others. Good to hear also that you “do not have to be brought to my senses” which nobody of us ever claimed. Good also to hear you are “very aware of all of (your) facilities and (your) senses as well”, but we are afraid that in this world there may be many who are not. Also, there are many people who would love to hear answers to their questions and who would love to find people giving their some advice or to find writings that assure them they are not the only ones or do not belong to the few who believe similar things.

      Amy rose do know we always welcome writers who would not mind inspiring others and who would be willing to reach out to those who feel isolated, lonely, feeling not so well or even depressed. We always can do with some writers who can bring some positive thoughts and who can bring a message of love and peace.
      You are welcome to join us, if you want.

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      • Your reply in its depth and length took me by surprise. Thank you for the time you took to speak to me.
        I know the attitude we are all ONE, is not prevalent in this world, yet that is how I perceive all people. Many years I’ve focused on the good, the cup half full and shared from my heart the wisdom I have gained and not only that but willingly given my love and support to all who come to my blog. I am honored to be invited to join you here yet I must decline. It is more then enough to keep up with all that I do within the means of my blog.
        I know the “real” state of this world and it truly concerns and frightens me. Therefore, I keep my eyes on the Beauty found in this world and walk in peace, refusing to yoke to the darkness that is destroying our world and its inhabitants. This is not putting my head in the sand by no means. Honestly, if I focused on the negative I don’t think I could keep my sanity. I’m a extreme sensitive and just hearing the news for example, hurts beyond what I can describe to you. Staying in my own little world I have created, and then inviting all who come to my blog to share that with me and to spread that light into their own world, is what I attempt to do every time I am on WP. Every little bit counts for we are truly in a position that if we do not stay within the light and live that light and love, the darkness will consume the entire globe.
        What I am most known for, I think, is how I show through example how I live life. I have many obstacles in my life, and I also have much to contend with, yet here again, I refuse to bend my knee to desolation. There have been times however, when the pain of loss is so great I will not pretend that my heart is not broken once again. One of the things I do with my life is caring for and loving our special needs cats. And when one dies, it devastates me. That is about the only time I show through my blog the pain of loss, yet this too is good for death is a part of life.
        In closing, I will also admit to you that the path I have chosen has been far from easy. To keep pushing back the wall of dark in order to get into the effortless flow of love at times is so exhausting I have thoughts of just throwing the towel in. I prefer to be a peaceful warrior …. but there again there are times when standing up for what is right, justifiable anger shows.
        May you keep up the walk on the Higher Path. Don’t give up for remember everything in collaboration of one another, counts. We may not see or personally witness the transformation that is taking place right now (and it is!) but know there are more and more people waking up, seeing the truth, and are doing something about the depravity found in this world. Change begins with us. In order for change to be lasting, we must change ourselves first. And then we have the power to change the world.

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    • Dear Amy Rose, thank you very much for your reply.
      Lovely to notice that you as a ” a Naturalist Visionary” love to “create” your world of Love, Beauty, and Truth as you “walk this earth in Peace”.

      Al over the world there are lots of people who are confronted with division and battles, having to face a lot of mortalities in their surroundings. Lots of people are also confronted with the differences and divisions people create by their way of thought and worshipping, not willing to have an open =mind for other thoughts.

      Your “Intention through the means of your blog” willing to bring to others “Faith that this world we live in, no matter the dark illusions that are so rampant these days, can be changed for the better” is very great and appreciated. With your lovely pictures I am sure you shall be able to touch many souls. Though not so many seem to understand that we as human beings should all be equal, all being created in the image of Allah, the Most High God. We cannot ignore that there are not so many as we would love to see who understand Love, even when nature radiates the love of God and surrounds them every day.

      Our Divine Creator, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, is a God of Love, but many people so not want to know Allah and do everything they can to go against His wishes. That makes it often very difficult for the lovers of God to find their place in a non-god loving, but more a material-loving world.

      In this world each of us are having moments of positive and negative thoughts. How many times have there not been you too didn’t think you were going to make it. Lots of people are confronted regularly with such feelings and lots of them are not able to find a light in the darkness.

      For many people it is at such darker times they could need some encouragement. More than, once in our lifetime we can need some uplifting thoughts which bring us further or perhaps even again on track, on the right way to ‘loftier’ times. Perhaps it could have been times those feeling depressed could have better focused “solely on what was immediately in front of (them) and no more”. But often they could not come to such a focus. It is also not easy every time to get back, focussing on the positive, when so much negativity surrounds us.

      It would be nice if we now and then could feel a tap on our shoulder, feel or see that we are on the right track. It also would be nice if we could hear some more voices telling stories or expressing ideas, which are similar as the ones which we dare to dream and wonder if they could be possible.

      Many can not say yet as you do that “When I turned the corner dashing to the finish line, that is when I just knew I was going to make it.” Lots of people are still looking for the right path getting them out of darkness and bringing them to the corner that opens up new ways, giving them again some hope for a better life and a nicer future.

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      • Hmmmm …. I see you did your research in order to understand a little bit regarding who I am. Thank you for taking the time to do so. I’ve been on WP for 7 years now, touting it seems the same message(s) and so many times I get discouraged as I witness too many who are yet still blind and deaf. All of us have choices, choices we make each day depending on action and thought, ego based or God based. This world is screaming for relief from the pounding of violence and horror that continually pours out from every crevice, every main stream news source, from neighbors, friends, family. We’ve gotten so separated from one another for so many reasons, and if we do not reconcile with the fact that we are doomed if we do not begin to put the “toys” down in order to work on developing real and true relationships, we just won’t survive. I am very aware of what is transpiring but I deliberately keep my eyes on my own little world in order to cross each and every finish line that lies ahead of me.
        Those of us who are choosing the Higher Road will continue to spread the light and love of God. Keep going. Don’t stop. We must believe that a day shall come the tipping point will be in our favor. People are waking up. Rejoice for that! (smile)


        • Salam Aleikum,
          All people are created in the image of God and should all come to recognize their Creator Who is Only One eternal all-knowing invisible Spirit God, Who does not exist out of two or three. Religions are just one helpful way to come to know and serve that God. Each individual receives the opportunity to hear the Call of God, and has the own responsibility to reply to it. He or she may choose for different ways than another person, but in the end they all should be elements (the Scriptures talks about parts or organs) of the same body, which is the Body of Christ. Together they should come to unite, and be one in Christ as he is like we should be, one in God.

          Allah, the Most High God has His arms open to receive each individual who is willing to come under Him, willing to accept Him as the Most High Master, Maker and Sustainer of all things.
          All human beings should cling to their common bond, which is to love God and love and respect all His creation, never doing something to another what one would not like to be done to oneself. Coming closer to the endtimes we may notice that we are coming closer to that day (which shall come) with the tipping point in favour of those who accept the Divine Creator and want to be servant under Him and by their love want to serve others.

          As you say “People are waking up. Rejoice for that!” and therefore we should not look at this world with so much pain in our heart. Somehow there should come a smile on our face and should we rejoice in the hope there is for mankind. We are on the right track with the youngsters and retired people calling for the others to wake up and to do something against the global warming.
          When each of us tries to be a good example and stands open to others, from whatever culture, race, religion, we perhaps with the right attitude can gain people to come to feel the love of us but more importantly, the love of the heavenly Father.

          That the blessings of the Most High, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, may come over you.

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