Een stil Licht dat in elk hart schijnt

Er is een stil licht dat in elk hart schijnt. . . .
Het is wat ons verstand verlicht om schoonheid te zien,
ons verlangen om de mogelijkheid te zoeken en voor ons hart om van het leven te houden.
Zonder deze subtiele versnelling zouden onze dagen leeg en vermoeiend zijn
en zou geen horizon ooit ons verlangen doen ontwaken.
Onze passie voor het leven wordt rustig gesteund vanuit een plek in ons die vastzit aan de energie en opwinding van het leven …


~ van To Bless the Space Between Us door John O’Donohue

Origineel: There is a quiet light that shines in every heart. . . .


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6 responses to “Een stil Licht dat in elk hart schijnt

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  2. MandoAnne

    This is not from the Bible 🙁


    • Er staat toch nergens dat dit uit de Bijbel zou komen! Alsook staat er nergens dat die tekst van een goddelijk geïnspireerd schrijver zou zijn, waarom dan dat droeve gezichtje? Wenste u dat de bijbel zulk een tekst had naar voor gebracht, of wenst u alleen maar Bijbelteksten op deze site te vinden?


    • Dear Mando Anne, my lifestyle magazine has not the intention to bring only texts from the Bible, though for me That Book of books is the Best Guide for life. We must recognise that several human beings also managed to bring forth some wise texts to ponder at.

      Nowhere is done as if that quote would have come from the Bible, so I wonder why you are not pleased with us bringing that quote?!? Not all sayings should come from the Holy Scriptures, is it not? Please notice how we try to bring some positive posts or sayings at this site. We do hope those texts from ordinary man also can bring some enlightenment.


    • Dear MandoAnne
      perhaps you expect here only quotes and texts from and about the Bible, but that is not theintention of the founder of this lifestyle magazine.

      When you look at the text, nowhere is said that this would be a qoute for the Holy Scriptures, therefore your remark as if we did as if this would be a Biblical text is strange, certainly when we clearly name the original writer and the source of this quote.


    • Dear MandoAnne,

      If you would like to have a site with much more bible quotes than on this platform, I invite you to come to read my other , more religious, site: Messiah for all.

      On that site I go deeper in on Biblical matters and on the Most High Adonai Elohim, Hashem Jehovah God of gods and on the person of Jeshua, better known in English speaking countries as Jesus Christ, the one we should recognise as the son of God and our saviour.

      An other option is that you might also find several articles on the way we have to behave as Christians and how we have to look at the Scriptures, by going at my ecclesia site: Belgian Christadelphians; or going at the Brethren in Christ site: Broeders in Christus.

      I welcome you there with open arms and assure you there too you shall find more quotes from the Bible and articles on biblical subjects.


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