Modern Slavery

Too many people close their eyes for products which are so cheap they could not be produced under normal conditions. But there are also companies which do not mind to sell their products at a very high price, but had them made in cheap labour countries.

In this capitalist system there is too much slavery going on and not enough people reacting against it.
The capitalist system has made many working people into slaves of a company, and more and more workers have to work for less income, whilst a a minor group of happy few can make themselves very rich by (mis)using all those ‘poor folks’.

Lots of multi-billion dollar companies which make money from our hard work even do not have to pay taxes whilst the workers have to pay a lot of taxes and can only dream of having a better world.


To remember

Slavery =  practice or system of owning slaves” + evolved to be a part of social norms.

slavery to a job, slavery to society, female domestic slavery, child slavery, slavery to live, slavery to abide by law, slavery to family and many many more.

live in a society > merely puppets with strings

age of retirement in UK = 66 for women and men. By 2026 = 67 or more.

exploit > work to make others richer


So this is a series of blog post that I have been meaning to start for a while now. I will be uploading content about controversial topics from different ends of the spectrum. I am merely trying to express my thoughts on certain topics looking at things from all different angles. In this aspect I hope to create a discussion to see what people think. This goes along with my interest of psychology and trying to understand how different people think and what their cognitive processes are.

This post is about modern day slavery. I would like all readers to read this with an open mind and be open for discussion. First, we must define what is slavery. There are many definitions for it however I will be taking oxford dictionary as a base definition. Slavery is defined as “the practice or system of owning slaves”. Now, when you ask…

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14 responses to “Modern Slavery

  1. There are two forms of slavery, just as there are two focuses that are divided between the “instantly received” to that which “takes time to receive”:

    These two types of slavery are, “The slavery of the mind” and “The slavery of the body”; and while many Democrats will blame Republicans for their induction of slaves of the body, these Democrats do not realize that they employ the slavery of the mind.

    Every aspect of Democracy is seduction. That is control over the mind, while the controlled mind begins to control the body. It’s a far more powerful way of enslaving someone, and everything, from the legalization of drugs, to the very monochrome-styled music of synthesizers in today’s time, is an testimony to that control over the mind.

    Look to the 1960’s science-fiction and you will see how those writers were specialists in predicting the future, on what the future will bring, when it comes to control over the mind. From thought control, to language control, to pharmaceutical drugs; these are all things that control the mind.

    Though, how could you “outlaw” or “liberate” such slavery? Just as the Buddhists separate mind from body, we only love the body these days, encourage women to love their body, because our minds have been reduced to jelly. You cannot outlaw “slavery of the mind” because everything will be viewed as “subjective” and “according to individual perspective”.

    These Democrats clash the “love of the body” with their control over the mind, so that when you say that the mind is no longer intelligent for the common human, they will only inquire after taste and opinion. Only taste and opinion will sate such people. So to speak, they will see their bodies as their new form of intelligence.

    Women and children have become the new slaves, because they are very impressionable people. Women are very insecure and dependent, and while such a thing was made beautiful in the past, now it is taken advantage of, for economical purposes. Children are born with a blank slate, so their personalities or their very minds could be painted any color. Women and children were protected in the past, hailed to be the most precious of individuals, and now, they are like putty in the hands of dominant rulers. For a woman does not look up to see her loving husband watching her with pride. She looks up to see a skyscraper, and feels only envy. Same goes for a child, whose father has abandoned the family.


    • You say “every aspect of Democracy is seduction. That is control over the mind”, but real democracy is there where freedom of thought is given and where everybody can have his say or have the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, etc. with respect to all creatures and with protection of the weaker ones.

      Real democrats do not want to bring control over the mind, even when they want to give directives and provide a thorough education.
      Strange you speak about thought control, to language control, to pharmaceutical drugs; these are all things that control the mind as part of the Democrats their thing when you live in the U.S.A. where it is just that what Donald Trump and the Republican party is for and is doing, even by its continuous false information and propaganda.

      for your states how do “Democrats clash the “love of the body” with their control over the mind”? We can not see that happening by them, but see the danger looming around the corner by the growing extreme right in the U.S.A. and the hate speech of the republicans, who also take it up for the rich and do not want to share with the poor.

      You wrongly say “Women and children were protected in the past, hailed to be the most precious of individuals,” though there is proof enough they were the weaker ones and got mostly endangered when long illness came over the house. By Obamacare they got more protection which is undone again by Trump.
      When the Republicans were on poverty grew and children got lesser chances in education, and got to schools where they were not safe against violent attackers who managed to get weapons like they could buy a loaf of bread.

      From Europe we only can see the most dominant rulers always having been Republicans, who played with the ordinary people and cashed in the money from the rich and big factories.

      It sounds nice that “Women and children were protected in the past, hailed to be the most precious of individuals” but now the Republican leaders even do not listen to them and treat them as outcasts and easy targets to sell the materialist gadgets. Everything is done for the industry and for the gain of money, no matter the cost to the environment or damage done to children, women and poor people. Look for example where they place incinerators or how big pig farms are placed in areas where poor people live and how the water and ground is polluted over there by industrial farming.

      The Democrats, like Obama, took care that abandoned children could find a safe haven, but Trump took away the financial programming of such projects. Trump even encaged young children around the borders of Mexico. Are you missing all those elements or just closing your eyes because it does not fit your freedom of not having to take care of others. Yes the Democrats in the U.S.A. like in other countries request that there is a form of solidarity. You may find in that a way of making the citizens slaves of the state, though it is requesting of the citizens to take up their responsibility for all those living in the community and to come to see and treat them as brothers and sisters, no matter what colour of skin, no matter what culture or religion.


      • Mark my words, fool.

        Your “movements” will see dust in the next few years. My books will shed light over them, and they will be buried under enlightenment. Democracy will become rubble, and I will see to that.


        • Do we have to understand that you want an end to democracy and as such want all power over society to belong to one person or one family, they having all the right to decide over life and death of others and how others have to behave and live?

          To have that dictatorship, do you want it in the hands of some one with birthright like a king, sultan or maharaja, or do you want it in the hands of a military commander?

          So you prefer one person to decide what others can learn, do, how they can cloth themselves and which religion they may have or may not have, and how plus how long they may live?

          When all power shall belong to one person, having no democratic system and/or balance, how long would you think that would survive without an uprising of the people or an other powerful person wanting to take over?

          The world around one Ego you are hoping for can only be an unrighteous world with lots of people crushed and suffering!

          Luckily we can hope on more common sense and count on a system where people can chose who they want in or out of power and how their society is build up to a society where people can find respect for each other and can look forward to a just and righteous system.


        • Strangely enough your site refers to Romanticism though that what you prefer for the world is just the contrary of what any romantic person would love to see in the world.

          Dictatorship has always been the enemy of any romantic thought. All dictators have created an awful world to live in, people having to face oppression, fear, anxiety, suffering.

          Where there is no free will, no free thought, no free expression allowed, there is only place for silence in the darkness, until voices shall be strong enough to bring an end to such one person/one vote system!

          Democracy, where every body gets an equal fair share and can vote for what and who they want is the only way to have longstanding peace and to have progress on several levels.


          • You believe I’m going to be some kind of dictator? You are wrong about this.

            I simply wish to be a humble writer, doing what I can to rid much of the world of its hypocrisy. You keep talking about “Democracy” being where every body gets an “equal fair share” and can “vote for what and who they want” makes you sound like a tool.

            How old are you? May I point out that I am 23? I have the writing skills that has been compared to Victor Hugo, Dostoyevsky, and beyond. Can you imagine what writing I will produce when I am 50?

            You seem to be balding in your profile photo. Are you perhaps in your 40’s? I can only imagine that you’ve been wasting your time.

            As for Democracy allowing everyone to get a “fair share” is about as problematic as things go. Do you want to know what I recently did? I discussed this issue with a University Psychology professor, from a school where I would have had one of them “free-rides” to earn a Ph.D in Psychology.

            I declined.

            I declined, because it’s a waste of time. I had to disprove a so-called “Psychology professor” on the subject of “equality” and “anxiety”. Two things that I aim to write about, in many essays.

            So… with your paranoia that I will become a “dictator” or lead some god-forsaken “revolution” in the next few years, tear that thought out of your head.

            I wield the pen, not the sword (or the automatic weapon). I take inspiration from writers like D.H. Lawrence and Ayn Rand. I haven’t read in history those people ever being “dictators” in their time.


            • I think I do own you a coffee or a pint …. you thinking I would perhaps in my 40’ies. I would love to feel that age whilst now I am old enough to be your grandfather.

              Though I have grown up in a family that has known World War II and have seen and felt enough damage by people fighting for one or other cause, I wonder if you are conscious that your world, you are living in, perhaps did not get to know any war. You did not have to go fighting for your country.
              You also did not got involved in taking a position about the war in Vietnam or in Korea. You even where not born when I with many stood on the barricades fighting for equality and freedom of rights in the uprising of 1968.

              You pointing out that you are 23 and having all wisdom and having the writing skills that are been compared to Victor Hugo, Dostoyevsky (not the least), and beyond, whilst I should imagine what writing you will produce when you shall be 50. (I do hope to become 120, but I am afraid to get older shall perhaps be too difficult. As such, I also could be dead when you shall be 50, so I shall not be able to see it.)

              Strangely enough you also say about yourself that you “simply wish to be a humble writer”. Humbleness seems far away or far to see.

              May I point out it were the two generation before mine and my generation who fought for freedom and have taken care that you are able to grow up in a civilised economically wealthy environment.

              I am curious what you are going to write in your essays against democracy and what sort of governement or what sort of society you shall defend and/or hope to create.

              I only can express my fear that you belong to the pampered and spoiled generation we ourselves have put on earth. This means we ourselves are perhaps to blame for the attitude you have and the thoughts you carry with you. As such we must confess have failed on that matter.

              You mention D.H. Lawrence as one of your examples, but than I think you must have misunderstood or perhaps not read enough of his writings.

              You think you wielding the pen disfiguring and even killing democracy can present a better system than a democratic life form where there is no need of democratic systems like giving everybody their right to speak. Curious what you are going to put in place, when it would not be according to you a dictatorship.


              • Fine.

                You wish to know my knowledge?

                I will grant it to you, though I don’t normally speak to each person, individually, as that annoys me.

                My original post was on the “slavery of the mind” versus the “slavery of the body”.

                Understand this:

                Republicans controlled the body, through slavery of the body.

                Democrats control the mind, through slavery of the mind.

                I do not look at the word “slavery” like it is a wrong word, though our “freedom fighters” outlawed slavery, and now, they go so far as to outlaw work, altogether, through Socialism.

                Socialism is yet another target of mine on my shit list. It doesn’t deserve to exist, and I will defeat it.

                Such “systems” are not merely a “different point of view” as innocent of a description as that sounds, it is pathetic.

                Socialism is against inequality or injustice of any sort? Fantastic. Then, let the businessmen become the new Saints, and let the world go up in flames due to that.

                Socialism is, in fact, the destruction of work, because it is the next step after the outlawing of slavery.

                I will point out, in a very detailed manuscript, that “slavery” or even work, is nothing without obedience to a higher order. A “boss”, as it is spoken. And, “slavery” of work, is forfeited of purpose, if the worker is disobedient. A black slave of former times, when disobedient, would be reprimanded with the whip. Now, a worker is reprimanded with “disciplinary action”. Some fancy word to disguise the fact that Nature designed it this way, so that obedience to that higher order, either by the slave to his master or the worker to his boss, will not be lost.

                Purpose is the slave and his effort, conjoined. And “slave rebellion” is equivalent to the worker raising his hand in retort against the cruel “discipline” of the boss. Though, you must understand that such “complaints”, for they are numerous, today, will decline the boss to be lesser to the worker, until there is a new hierarchy.

                Don’t tell me that this doesn’t ring a bell.


                • From what you write I have the impression you are confusing “Democracy” with the U.S.A. political party “Democrats”, though democracy has not to represent the American Democrats in which you can find many ‘denominations’ or groups which would be totally different political parties in other countries. One could say the American Democrats like the Republicans are both an amalgamation of different political groups and a variety of far out political ideas.

                  You also may not forget that in our society people are free to look for any sort of work or may also start their own company.


        • We very well know that democracy is in danger and we are well aware that the alarm bell must be raised.

          You like several other right wing people may love to see democracy end and look forward to Nazi-times again and a political system by which they can control everybody and everything.

          We only can hope that there shall be enough clear thinkers to open the eyes of those who are blinded by populist views.

          You claiming that you will see to it that democratic movements like ours will be buried under enlightenment and that you will see to Democracy becoming rubble, gives the impression you are a person who wants to do everything, even going to battle, to silence any democratic effort. We wonder how you are going to do that and how your writings shall receive so much attention and ableness to blind so many people.


          • May I point out something?

            Your “friend” spoke of his curiosity, and you have spoken of your wonderment.

            Today’s fascination with “racism” is only attributed to a so-called “intolerance” against injustice of any form. Though, the fact that we’ve turned the word “injustice” from its three-syllable word, and split it into many multi-syllable words just shows America’s efficiency when it comes to marketing strategies. More branching, means more groups. More groups, means more intolerance. More intolerance, means more conflict. Business thrives on chaos, and we’ve known this since the middle-ages, and perhaps even beyond.

            Though, we should link “racism” to Xenophobia. We should then link “Xenophobia” to the fear of the unknown. We should then link the “fear of the unknown” to the nervous system. We should then link the “nervous system” to everyone who lives.

            Conservatives fight for religion, while Leftists fight for science, and the progress. Yet, they both fight against racism. Can’t we all just admit that “racism”, which is linked to the fear of the unknown, which is linked to the nervous system, cannot be defeated.

            You think this is to blind people? On the contrary, I think such knowledge will awaken people.


      • As for what you wrote, your words are very vague, and only a repetition of what is spoken of among your cohort Democrats.

        Their lives will be ended just as securely as they embrace each and every one of their pitiful movements. Ended, in the sense that they will step down. I have this ambition, this passion, and I could debate with you for days, but I will not.

        Feminism, Political Correctness, and Post-Modernism will shut their eyes and fall into a deathly sleep.

        Now, begone, and do not re-blog any more of my posts.


  2. For much too long people let themselves to be enslaved. The multinationals succeeded to use their workers as slaves by making them afraid for losing their job.

    When people would not have been so egoistic and would not have put their eyes and hopes on their own luxury life the multinationals and supermarkets could not have been able to wring them like lemons.

    Our society needs again people who are conscious about what is going on in the world and who shall have more empathy with the less gifted and the poorer people (on all levels).

    In the many countries of Europe there are enough people and parties who want to defend the human rights as well as the rights of plants and animals.

    Those who ask what whey can do, I only can advice to go to the ballot box this month and to vote for us, who want to see and create a peaceful world where every human being can have a decent life with a decent retirement (full retirement from 65 and schemes to slow down from 55) with a decent minimum income .


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