In the age of Kali People

We came across some interesting literature: does this sound familiar to you?

The Kali Yuga According to Hindu Scriptures

“It is the lowest instincts that stimulate the men of the Kali Yuga, they prefer false ideas, they do not hesitate to persecute the sages,  desire torments them,  neglect,  illness,  hunger, the fear spread. Severe droughts The different regions of the countries will oppose each other

  • The sacred books will no longer be respected
  • Men will not have morals, and will be irritable and sectarian
  • False doctrines and misleading writings spread in the age of Kali People are afraid because they neglect the rules taught by the wise and do not perform the rites correctly anymore
  • Many will perish
  • The number of princes and farmers will gradually diminish
  • The lower classes want to attribute real power and share knowledge, food and the beds of the old princes, most of the new leaders are of slave origin, they will persecute the priests and those who have wisdom. to fetuses and heroes.
  • The slaves want to play the role of intellectuals, the intellectuals that of slaves.
  • Thieves become kings and kings become thieves.
  • Rare are virtuous women. Promiscuity extends.
  • The stability and balance of castes and the ages of life disappear everywhere.
  • The earth produces almost nothing in some places and produces a lot in others.
  • The powerful take over public goods and stop protecting the people.
  • Wise persons of low birth are honored as if they were Brahmans and deliver to people who are not worthy of it the dangerous secrets of the sciences.
  • Teachers are debased by selling their knowledge. Many take refuge in a wandering life.
  • At the end of the Yuga, the number of women increases and the number of men decreases.

During the Age of Kali, the Great God, Shiva, the dark blue and red peacemaker, will be revealed to all under a disguise to restore justice. Those who go to him will be saved. At the end of the Yuga, the animals become violent, the number of cows decreases. Good men withdraw from public life. Market cooked foods are sold in the market square. Also the sacraments and religion are sold. The rain is erratic. The  merchants dishonest.

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