A vital question for believers

At Selah Ministries they ask

Do you believe in God, or do you believe God? {A vital question for believers}

And that is a question we should seriously take at heart. The same as atheists believe in many things we find people who say they believe in a god or believe in the God. When you question those who say they ‘believe in god’ or ‘believe in God’, we can hear many concepts or ideas about that god/God and find that several of those people believe in different gods than the others.

Lis from Selah Ministries which says it

is about bringing folks closer to God through His word and through experience, and recognising the works of satan in these days. {A vital question for believers}

brings up as next question

Do you believe what He put down in writing and preserved for two thousand years so that we could walk rightly with Him? Walking in obedience requires us to not just believe that God is real, but to believe what He says! {A vital question for believers}

When looking at Christendom, we see the great difference with those from Christianity. The majority who calls themselves Christian really do not follow Christ and even have not the God of Christ, but made Christ Jesus into their god.

Coming closer to the end-times, all people should come to know that it is getting high time that people should start thinking seriously about what they do want to follow, human doctrines or Biblical doctrines.

Perhaps it’s time to walk away from church doctrine, and to get into the word of God? He preserved His word for you so that you could know how He wants you to live. {A vital question for believers}

Many in this world are been deceived. Lots of people are caught up in the human doctrines and tangles of their church. In the Book of books, the Bible or Holy Scriptures, already in the first book (Genesis) it is explained why things are today like they are. In many of the following books is given direction why and how we may have hope for the future and for better things. In that compilation of books (hence: Library or bibliotheca = Bible) mankind is able to see how it is necessary that the Most High God shall come to be known all over the earth. Lots of people do not see how important it is for them to fear the right person and to spend more time and attention to Some One Who can not be seen but Who is a serious reality of the universe. It is Some Supreme Being Who shall be willing to draw close to you when you are willing to come to close to Him. That Most High Supreme Being has given His Word, but not many people are really interested in reading it. Though they would better  do that so that they may come to see the truth and unmask all those who are against that Biblical Truth, but also react strongly against those who proclaim that Biblical Truth. It is even told in the Bible, God’s infallible Word that close to the end-times more people would react against those lovers of God and against those who spread the Gospel.
For that reason recently there has been created a new website, to show how those adversaries of God sent all sorts of false sayings or untruths in the world. At that new website, Unmasking the anti-Jehovah people, a first series has been started to show how the Bible has all the truth in it and how we as human beings best should read those ancient books, which form perhaps the most interesting and most important Bestseller of all times. The first articles are already published, and we would kindly advice you to have a look at them ( A Book to trust #1 Background book for debate and A Book to trust #2 Book of Truth) and to follow up the coming chapters.

There are people who say

Faith can not come by hearing

and partly they are right but also partly wrong. Hearing is an important factor to come to the truth. Without willingness to hear and to see one can not come to the truth. Hearing is an essential part in the formation of faith. Without hearing the Word of God or without hearing preachers to confess how people can be saved, and without coming in contact with people who proclaim the Kingdom of God, telling the Good News and presenting the Gospel to man, it is much more difficult to come to know the Bible and to come to know the Most High God.



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26 responses to “A vital question for believers

  1. Thank you for taking the time to link to my blog post “Faith Cannot Come By Hearing”. https://wp.me/p7MQ7F-dk I would have hoped that you had taken the time to actually read the post before shedding my work in a negative light. If you had you would have discovered that “If you are basing your faith on the things you hear from preachers or anyone else for that matter, you are making a huge mistake. You must put your faith in the creator of the universe and no one else.”


    • Where does the writer of the article would shed your work in a negative light? The article also request people to examine the Scriptures and to go for churches that study the Scriptures and follow the Biblical Truth and not human doctrines.

      When you would look at other writings on “From Guestwriters”, you also would see that this website shows how, like you say

      Throughout history, there have been religious leaders who have led their follows astray. Some have led their followers to actually kill themselves.

      The Guestwriter pointing to your article does not seem to be doing bad when he wants others also to read what you wrote:

      People who follow charismatic leaders because of what they say, get their faith by hearing. They are actually putting their faith in the person telling them what to believe. This is not from G-d. It is from man.

      Considering that the Guestwriter also gives this website’s readers the possibility to look for further messages on your site is (in our eyes) giving you credit + giving profit for you and adding readers to your site, and not as such doing bad to you. Him giving the readers on this site the opportunity to read

      Consider this, the Torah is holy. If you enter into conversations with others concerning Torah, those conversations should be seen as having a certain level of holiness.

      {New to Torah}
      and you having to refer to Chabad.org the Guestwriter like we would presume you are (hopefully) like minded as us believing in Only One True God, the God of Israel, and not in a Trinity.

      The writers on this website do put their faith in that Only One True God, who is the Unseen eternal heavenly Father of Jesus.



      • I am not likeminded as you or the guestwriter. This is most likely why you do not understand what it is that I wrote. Obviously guestwriters is a Cristian blog. Mine is not. With regard to your comment, there are no churches that study the scriptures. If they did, they would stop being churches. To encourage people to go to these places is encouraging them to follow idolatry.


        • So you find people should not go to synagogues or ecclesia’s? Or lovers of God should not come together to worship God?


          • I did not say that. I said thy should not go to churches. As for worship, it is forbidden to worship Him in a way He did not say. To worship Him in our own way is avodah zarah or strange worship. This is one of the problems with cristianity. Those who love Him will keep His laws. For the Jew there are 613. For the non-Jew there are 7. Cristianity seeks to do away with His laws.


            • We as real Christians, not worshipping a tri-une god and not having graven images of any god, worship god according the mitzvoth of how God gave us directions to worship Him.

              It looks like you are confusing Christianity with Christendom and do not understand for the writings in English we and our fellow brethren often use the more common English word “church” which has been chosen by many for the translation of what we call (normally or generally) the “ecclesia”.


              • I am not confused at all. If you believe that jsus died for your sins you are no different than any other cristians. All of cristianity came from the catholic church. Just because you have some modified form does not make it okay. Everything you believe comes directly from them and not from the Torah. Cristianity in any form is a contradiction to the Torah. I would recommend the Bnei Noach movement for you but that is ultimately your choice.


                • You seem to forget many Christian did not at all come from the Roman or other Catholic church, but came from the original followers of the Jewish Nazarene rabbi Jeshua and never believed such false teachings as the ones proclaimed by those Trinitarian Christians, but always kept to the original teachings of Jeshua (Jesus) who worshipped only One True God and not a three-headed god.


                  • There is no evidence to support this claim. Where were these people 1000 years ago? What text do they use? They use the same text as other cristians which comes directly from the catholic church. True, prior to the council of Nicea there were some nontrinitarian teachers. But that concept was extinguished in those days. Not until the Reformation did such ideas reemerge. That being said, it does not matter where or when these ideas emerged. The entirety of Cristian beliefs whether trinitarian or not, do not stand up to scriptural scrutiny. Therefore, any cristian concept, being contrary to the Torah, must be seen as avodah zarah or strange worship.


                    • Those texts did not come from the Catholic Church but from the scrolls written by ancient prophets and selected people by God (Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.) and from writings and letters from the apostles.


                • Jesus his direct followers did belong to the Jewish sect the Way. After goyim got further introduced they became a religious group on their own, nothing to do with the Roman catholic Church which only came into being centuries later. When under Constantine I several leaders agreed to the three-headed god there stayed a lot of people true to the teachings of the Nazarene Jewish rabbi Jeshua. That tradition of the faith in the One God of Israel went on into our present day and is still going on.


                  • First, explain what is a Nazarene. The city of Nazareth did not exist in the time of jsus and he was not a Nazir. The texts I asked about are the gospels. The new testament is a catholic document. The gospel writers are unknown. The names were attributed much later. Either way, it does not matter because there is no form of cristianity that conforms to the Torah. Just because there were Jews in those days that belonged to the way is not evidence that what they taught had anything to do with cristianity. The fact is that cristianty in all it’s forms comes directly from the catholic church. You mention the reformation. Do you not realize that prior to the reformation, all cristians were catholic. There was nothing else. Everything you believe as a cristian comes from them. Yes, there are differences between catholics and protestants. But the protestants came from the catholic church and brought their altered beliefs with them.


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  4. This is an excellent article, I am going to reblog this for you.


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