2017 Solstice and heatwave

On 26 Mar 2017 ‘Daylight Saving Time‘ started, making it possible for us to enjoy the sun longer; people coming home from work able to sit in the garden or on a patio enjoying the evening.

The previous days we could not complain having not enough warmth and sun. This year we are really blessed with a marvellous sunshine and incredible temperatures.

While west London swelters in possibly the hottest June day for 176 years, the weather picture is looking far more unsettled for the north.

In Belgium, France, Great-Britain and the Netherlands there have been given ‘be aware’ weather warnings, and are the population required to be sparingly with water.

Today is the longest day of the year; nature’s gift of extra light. but it is also the turning point that we do have to face that the days will shorten again. Soon we shall have to face the dampness and the thunderstorms again.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow ‘be aware’ weather warning, with heavy rain expected in parts of northern England, southern Scotland and Wales until late afternoon on Thursday (June 22).

Bouts of rain, heavy and thundery at times, are expected to move in from the west to initially affect parts of northern England, with potentially 20mm or 30mm of rain falling in one or two hours.

More extensive thunderstorms may then spread South over a larger part of England and Wales overnight, leading to torrential downpours, frequent lightning and a chance of hail.

Some houses, businesses and transport routes may be affected by localised flooding, while power supplies in some areas could be temporarily disrupted due to a combination of heavy rain and frequent lightning strikes.

{UK weather: When will the heatwave end?}

UK heatwave: when will it end 

UK heatwave: Temperatures have topped 30C (86F) in the UK for a fifth consecutive day Credit: PA

Several countries of West Europe could enjoy one of the longest spells of high June temperatures for two or more decades. Though those high temperatures where also responsible for lots of transpiration, hydration and breathing problems as well as air pollution alerts in London, Brussels and other cities. Toxic air was brought to large parts of Belgium, England and Wales.

Belgium has known long periods of very warm days in 1911 (17), 1921 (15), 1938 (11), 1947 (14 + 16), 1957 (10), 1976 (17), 1997 (14), 2003 (12), 2006 (16).

Even when we now facing the days becoming shorter and some thunderstorm on Thursday it might well be that we can have more than five days over the 25° Celsius and shall be able to speak about a heatwave also for 2017.

Experts warn that anyone with lung or heart problems should avoid or reduce strenuous physical exertion, particularly outdoors. Older people or those with asthma should take particular care.

All others should be careful, protecting their skin and drinking enough (water) avoiding to much direct sunshine at the high-time of the day, remembering they can have their suntan also by sitting in the shade.

We can only hope with the solstice shall not come an end to the Summer, because now is the time most people are going to have enough time to enjoy Summer, going on Summer holiday.

Therefore we wish all our readers

a happy Summer holiday.



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