Come in and sit down

This is what you see.
Your neighbour has recently arrived in the street.
His children are passing by on their bikes. You don’t know their names.

This is what you know.
You congratulate your long-standing girlfriend by text message but you haven’t seen her or heard from her in ages.
That family close-by, they need help, but you are afraid to knock on their door.

This is what you feel.
Your own heart is bleeding or palpitating and you would love to air your feelings, here or there.

Maybe we are scared, you and I.
Of the world and of each other.
Because you are different from me. And I am different from you.
Because the world challenges us every day.
In the humanitarian, economical and climatic field.

What makes us strong is that you can knock on my door and I can knock on yours.
That I say hi and you say hi.
That you are allowed to share sadness and me too.
That we don’t always have to understand each other, that we can be who we are.
People with a warm heart who want to listen to each other’s story.

I would like to hear yours.

Come in and sit down.
Say this also to your neighbour, that long-standing girlfriend, those children and that family.
Come in and sit down.


Dutch version /Nederlandse versie: Kom binnen en zet u

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