Eid!!! 🌸💕🌸

A British Muslim girl, a teacher, travel enthusiast and one who is hoping to hold onto the tolerant country she was raised in tries to single-handedly debunk thwarted beliefs of Islam and more specifically warped notions of Muslims living in the West.

She also believes

Muslims are compelled to live by the law of the land in which they reside – that is Islamic law.  So, if you live in the UK you have to abide by British law and if you live in the US then likewise you must abide by American law and so on and so forth. {Tackling a monster}

Here she looks at the three days after a month of fasting = Eid Al-Fitr = celebration of breaking fast. She also expresses that she learnt and feels it is quite necessary, to also include non-Muslim friends, neighbours and colleagues in the Eid celebrations.

Now more than ever, we as Muslims need to break down stereotypes and get involved with our communities and educate those around us by showing them what real Islam is.


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Left the West for the East


After a month of fasting, Allah has given Muslims Eid Al-Fitr which translates to the celebration of breaking fast as we will no longer be fasting Ramadhan. Before this celebration, every Muslim has to give zakah (charity) in food to those in need. Many people send money to third world countries and ask trusted relatives or charity organisations to buy food and distribute it to those in need. Some give to charities in their local neighbourhoods as there’s no restriction as to where you’re able to give the zakah to.  What’s beautiful about this is we’re only meant to give a handful in food, something many of us are able to do.

We put up decorations and play anasheed (Islamic songs), prepare food, give our homes a good clean up and put on incense (oud) and get henna done. Below are ours. I think it came out okay.


On Eid…

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