Golden Week Day 1: Chichibu

To remember:

埼玉県秩父市 秩父三十四箇所 二十三番音楽寺 Ongakuji,Chichibu,Saita...

埼玉県秩父市 秩父三十四箇所 二十三番音楽寺 Ongakuji,Chichibu,Saitama,Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golden Week begins with a bang > quick pilgrimage to Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture =where Anohana takes place.

Shibazakura in Hitsujiyama park > flowers = carpet of pink

up to Miharashinooka = beautiful view of the whole city


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Golden Week a cluster of holidays from late April to early May

Bugaku traditional weddings at Meiji-shrine


Golden Gate to Rainbow Gate

And Golden Week begins with a bang! Jerry and I took a quick pilgrimage to Chichibu (only about 2 and a half hours away) in Saitama Prefecture. Those of you who like anime, it is where Anohana takes place. It was a bit cloudy but at least it was still warm out! There was a good number of tourists, but not a lot of foreign tourists; just Japanese tourists. And it’s understandable; Chichibu is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a nice quiet day looking at beautiful scenery.

Chichibu is a much older town, I think. To make my point, our Pasmo and Suica cards (which are transit cards we use everywhere, much like Bart’s CLIPPER and Oyster cards for you Brits out there) were NOT accepted. Does that mean we have to buy tickets and put them in the…

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