Friday letters – the April showers edition

Though roads may show the wholes from Winter damage they call for going out, having the kids jumping in the little ‘lakes’ driving away the ‘monsters’ of the dark season.


To remember

  • enjoying all magnolia trees blossoming > hope we don’t have a late frost which will ruin them.
  • cut back shrubs that need to be cut back in Spring.
  • almost a pleasure to be driving round > Easter break =/= parents driving their little darlings to and from school
  • April showers = playing havoc plans to dry laundry outdoors => exercise running in + out > bringing washing in + out



Winter and Spring wonders of nature showing the Master’s hand

Spring playing hide and seek



I used to be indecisive...

Dear Spring, Things are moving along nicely now and I’m really enjoying all the magnolia trees that are blossoming around here.  I hope we don’t have a late frost which will ruin them.

Dear self,  Get out there in the garden and cut back those shrubs that need to be cut back in the Spring.

Dear people,  Why park under a sign that clearly tells you that only permit holders may park there at that time and then be surprised when the postman confirms that yes, it IS a controlled parking zone between 10.30am and 2.30pm?  Also, why decide to park there anyway and get cross when you get a parking ticket?  Why do some of you look annoyed when I helpfully tell you that between certain times it is permit holders only and that traffic wardens patrol the area with zeal during the restricted times?  I am only…

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