2079, by Lexi

From “Life In Geelong“, a unique collection of real-life stories from community members from Geelong and the broader district we present this poem.

In recent years Geelong has quietly been building a strong and vibrant artistic community that is well worth the time to explore, feed your soul and activate your brain. There are many galleries throughout the region where you can go to see works of art from local artists and international artists and many of them hold classes and workshops for anyone who would like to try their hand at any artistic pursuit. {Where to go to Feed Your Soul, by Jess}

From this second largest city of Victoria, a unique Australian job services program geared at encouraging job seekers from the Geelong and surrounding areas to tell their stories and express their views about their experiences of what it is like to live and work in Geelong and surrounding areas, you may find several nice poems on that site.

Though we like to remind you that

Since they are the unadulterated true-life stories of our community members, the views and opinions (for better or worse) do not reflect the point of view of any job service agency. The purpose of this anthology is to provide a voice for Geelong job seekers and to create insight into the highlights and tribulations of living in Geelong, as well as the incredible diversity of our people. Happy reading!  {Where to go to Feed Your Soul, by Jess}


Life In Geelong

Port Philip the deep
Not like before
63 years
ISIS at war

Dredging is over
Sharks can compute
Programmed and gaged
“No escape route”

The robots swarm
Mechanised bees
Organs for sale
Dying trees

Water is scant
Sky no stars
Elite escape
Life on Mars

Artificial intel
Think tank construe
End of the sun
KKK coup

Numbered in time
Au dirt is gold

Not just the money
Metals conduct
Fuels global power
ISIS corrupt

Like Austria, Auschwitz
The letters unfold
Metallurgy mayhem
Australia behold

And what of number 20
Could it be ‘Khaf’
Mark of possession
History’s gap.

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