Paris Our Prayers Are With You: Victory Shall Be Yours!

Do not fear, for I am with you. ~ Isaiah 41:10

terrorist attack rocked Paris Friday 13th November, 2015=> French President Françoise Hollande retaliate against Islamic State => mercilessly against terrorists

weapons we do warfare with not of the world [of the flesh] = mighty + divine power through word of God to demolish + destroy every enemy power + strongholds [2 Corinthians 10:4]  => release spiritual weapons upon the enemies of God and His people.

God, Jehovah Gibbor + Mighty Man of War = Blessed be the Lord, my Rock + my keen + firm Strength

Steadfast Love + Fortress, High Tower + Deliverer + Mighty Warrior + Shield in Whom I trust + take refuge => subdues my people [enemies] under me

Let your blessings of dominion, power, peace + joy confiscated by terrorists and witchcraft spirits be released now back to your people in the name of Jesus!

Kingdom Ambassadors Empowerment Network

Do not fear, for I am with you. ~ Isaiah 41:10

 In a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report on the terrorist attack that rocked Paris on Friday 13th November, 2015 it was reported that French President Françoise Hollande vowed to retaliate against the Islamic State, saying the attacks had been “prepared and planned from the outside, with accomplices from outside.”

The report further quoted President Françoise from a televised address as saying, “France, because it was freely, cowardly attacked, will be mercilessly against the terrorists.”

Like Paris, France and the rest of the world, we here at EMB are touched and saddened with grief for everyone affected and especially those who lost their lives so tragically as a result of such a senseless and cowardly act by terrorists.

We are also mindful of the word of God that tells us that the weapons we do warfare with are not of…

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