Beautiful, Brilliant, Scary

After a very warm beginning of Autumn, having temperatures going up to 17° Celsius, we got literal and other storms from last weekend onwards. Today the temperatures fell back to normal and we got the literal white snow whilst the red cold blanket was further enrolled bringing the country to a terror alert 4, giving us the impression the country could as well soon declare us at war. That scares many people who in the region Brussels were also been asked to stay indoors and to have all shopping centres closed.

Though we should look outside and go into nature where the shouting colours can bring us back at peace. For sure a big change will take place this year and after 70 years no war in Belgium it could well be that Autumn might have come over that idea of peace and tranquillity.


To remember

  • glorious red, yellow + orange of the seasons’ leaves = message of death +> Winter is coming
  • season that looks forward to barrenness and bleakness
  • autumn reminding in inescapable colors change is taking place =>lead to new growth + life = All paths falling into place.



Autumn is in the land

Storms on the way

Nature’s Watercolor Painting

Bits and Bobbs, of a beautiful Autumn

A Virginia Autumn


Stephanie Ascough

Isn’t it funny how we (I) wax on and on about autumn? Behind the glorious red, yellow and orange of the seasons’ leaves is a message of death. Winter is coming. When I stop and think about it, I remember of all the ways I run from change in my own life. And yet, I love and always will love the changing seasons. Even-especially- the one that looks forward to barrenness and bleakness.

It’s like autumn is reminding me in inescapable colors that change is taking place, right under my nose. It may be through a place that feels like death at times. But I can trust that it will lead to new growth and life. All these paths are falling into place.

And in the meantime, for the first time, I get to relish this season. For what it is, and for what comes after.

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