Poster: Please Help The Refugees

Europe is facing the worst human migration crisis since World War II.

Full Schengen members (EU member states which ...

Full Schengen members (EU member states which have implemented the Schengen Agreement) Associated Schengen members (non-EU member states which have implemented the Schengen Agreement) EU member states which are bound to implement the Schengen Agreement but who have not done so yet) EU member states outside the Schengen Area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent Eurobarometer poll suggests that 64 percent of Czechs, 55 percent of Italians, and 46 percent of Britons have a negative attitude towards immigrants from other EU member states. Meanwhile, 85 percent of all EU citizens surveyed agreed that additional measures need to be taken to fight illegal immigration from outside the EU.

The West is always crying they are afraid the refugees would damage their Christian culture, but how many are really willing to show their Christian heart and handling the way Jesus Christ would do?

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The Remnants of Sunday

It’s not the best, but that doesn’t really matter. I made it with the hopes it might help, even just a little. Please save and pass along or use if you want to. My heart goes out to each and every one of them.


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