Arguments about believe and About Christianity versus Atheism

If Christians believe God loves everyone, they shouldn’t argue with atheists. If atheists don’t believe in God, what’s the point of insulting Christians?

is what can be found at a voting for

Top Ten Reasons Not to Argue About Christianity vs Atheism

A diagram showing the relationship between wea...

A diagram showing the relationship between weak/strong and implicit/explicit atheism. Strong atheism is always explicit, and implicit atheism is always weak. Explicit atheism can be either “weak” or “strong”. Based on a previous chart by User:FrostyBytes, in turn based on a previous chart by User:Silence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naturally you could think a Christian would not make such a list, but because humankind belongs to the weak beings such things happen. No matter what people might think, as long as we are in this time system, and as long the End of Days or Last Days shall not have taken place and the Kingdom of God having become a reality, man shall stay arguing about such matters.

Christians who would call other people who do not agree with them “demons” proof that they did not understand yet the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself respect other thinkers and wants us also to respect those of an other opinion.

People also should be fully aware that “Not all Atheists disrespect religion” and “Not all Christians disrespect Atheists thinking”

Many Christians may choose a flowchart, like presents on his blog “3 simple words to say to an atheist who criticizes Christianity

arguing with atheistic criticism of Christianity

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6 responses to “Arguments about believe and About Christianity versus Atheism

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  2. On the above mentioned site “3 simple words to say to an atheist who criticizes Christianity” a certain Kathryn gives following advice when dealing with atheists:

    1. Come from the position that they are good people deserving of respect. You are equals trying to make the best of what life offers. Push aside your judgements, negative comments and come from a place of positivity. You can choose to say here and just enjoy life accepting that you have differences – live and let live.

    But if you can’t do this and have to voice your views…..

    2. Do not challenge the atheist unless you are well prepared and willing to be knocked down. An atheist will not hold back saying that your view is unfounded, irrational, vapid, is a straw man, “appeals to authority”, and use a variety of Latin debate terms that you might not know. Some are even Biblical experts.

    3. Do not attack personally. Push aside your emotional views of the person and comment only on the information, views and ideas. Keep your focus on the information always since you will be tempted divert the conversation as to how you feel as if you are being personally attacked and belittled. If you are being personally attacked, lead the conversation back to the topic. If you feel corned on your position, let the atheist know that you will think about this. Thank them for this insight.

    Atheists tend to be highly intelligent, logical thinkers who can easily pick up BS, inconsistencies, flaws in thinking, incorrect facts, and see though many con jobs. Some can seem really harsh and objective, but if you learn to separate the message from the messenger, we can offer nuggets of gold that can help you on your spiritual journey. We can burn away falsehoods and in turn lead you closer to truth. There is nothing to fear about the truth since the truth just IS – it has no agenda. Whether Christian or atheist, we are both seekers of truth. If someone has found out a clear and undisputed truth, listen.


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