Mini-MAX-malism: A Bigger Approach to Less is More

Not only de we need less is more in health and fitness, we do need it more in our attitude to material things, looks and outer-shine.
More focus should come onto the inner-site of man and of using all the material of this earth wisely, not wasting so much, be it food, raw produce or other things.


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Less… is still enough

Less for more


  • The Supers (
    A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.
  • Researchers show how fatty acids can fight prostate cancer (
    Scientists have long known that reduce inflammation and have anti-diabetic effects, and some recently discovered how this happens.”But we’re the first to show that they work this way in cancer,” said Kathryn Meier, a professor of pharmacy at WSU Spokane. “The attention has mostly been on inflammation and diabetes but there has always been an interest in cancer, and we were the first to show this mechanism in any cancer cell at all. And we’re using prostate cancer, which is the most controversial subject in omega 3s.”
  • Biting into a Healthy Lifestyle (
    The Dietary Guidelines report that most Americans don’t get enough potassium, vitamins C and D, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber — or activity. Research also shows that when people consume fewer calories, make informed food choices and get daily exercise, they do get results.  They can achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease and promote overall health. Simple strategies can help get people of all ages to eat better and be more active.
  • Sardine Tacos (
    It’s best to buy wild caught sardines, packed in BPA-free cans from companies that use sustainable harvesting methods such as Wild Planet and Raincoast Trading.  Give this no-cook recipe a try for lunch or dinner and supercharge your nutrition with sardines! 
  • The next wave of health and fitness wearables on Canada AM (
    The general public is aware of step trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone, but it might not be familiar with the next wave of health and fitness wearables, which are able to track heart rate, sun exposure, and level of work. BetaKit Senior Editor Tom Emrich appeared on Canada AM this morning to demonstrate three health and fitness wearables moving the category forward: the June UV bracelet, Montreal-based Hexoskin, and the Toronto-based Push armband.
  • Health Tip: Build a Fitness Support System (
    Communicate with your partner and other loved ones about your commitment to health and fitness, and ask for help.
  • Fitness trainer Curtis Starks’ heartfelt account of why he believes fitness is his ministry (
    People think failure is a loss and get so down and beat themselves up about it. Me not so much. Failure to me means that a certain situation just didn’t work out. I look at failure as the inability to live your life on your own terms. I see people like Sean Combs, Donald Trump, Shawn Carter, Oprah Winfrey and I say why not me.
  • Health And Fitness -The Gallery 219 (
    My boys are very active and I keep all my children fit and healthy. However, I don’t do a lot of exercise. I need to do more. I eat not too bad, but apart from the odd dance class I don’t do much. I love to dance, but not found anything else I really like to do.
  • LR Marathon Kicks Off Health, Fitness Expo (
    The 13th annual Little Rock Marathon Health & Fitness Expo sponsored by Windstream Communications kicked off the marathon weekend this morning at 10:00 AM and will be hosting participants and friends until 7pm as well as tomorrow, Saturday, February 28, 9 am – 5 pm at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock.
  • Weibo to launch a fitness service with wearables including Apple Watch (
  • 3 (Non-Fitness) Books to help you lose weight (
    One of the biggest things that I like to implement into working with my clients, is ensuring that they have the mindset to help them stay focused and consistent with their health and fitness journey.  A big game changer for me, as well as my clients, has been the role of personal development to accompany the physical transformation that is happening.


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