A Positive Disposition

A Positive Disposition

Observe to see and believe as is.
To retreat without feeling defeated.
It is best to keep a positive disposition,
Instead of making attempts…
To oppose those senseless in their conflicts.
Know the doing of this is meaningless.
With the taking of the high road,
And releasing a peace with those who show it.

Lawrence S. Pertillar
The poet, actor, performing artist and playwriter, Lawrence S. Pertillar was named “One of America’s Most Distinguished Poets” by The International Society of Poets and Awarded ‘Poet Fellow’ of Noble House Publishers, London, England (October 2006)
English: Harrods Department Store as viewed fr...

Harrods Department Store as viewed from the north-east along Brompton Road, in London, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • poetry notebook: (alejandracora.wordpress.com)
    10 poems for me, they represent what people may fell about racism, and that we all stereotype people some way we dont get to know, it shows how bad we do to people, and that we need to stop the racism
  • With Influence That Lacked Integrity (twothousandtwohundredandeightyeight.wordpress.com)
    I’ve witnessed manipulators,
    Come and go.
    A few had used techniques…
    As easily as massaging a couple of egos.
    Knowing who to dupe,
    And which ones were shallow.
  • June 5th – Legends are Born on this day! (masetsomi.wordpress.com)
    I have learned to appreciate everything as it comes. I am grateful that I am still alive and kicking today, that God has granted me another year. And I am grateful  of my support systems which is my family and friends that I love to bits.
  • “I probably wouldn’t have been a poet if I hadn’t lost my left eye when I was a boy.” (althouse.blogspot.com)
    A neighbor girl shoved a broken bottle in my face during a quarrel. Afterward, I retreated to the natural world and never really came back, you know.
  • The Will to Make Something Beautiful (philadelphiareviewofbooks.com)
    Timothy Keller, a Presbyterian minister in New York City, argues in a sermon called “Longing for Home” that all people suffer from a feeling of homesickness, but the home our hearts yearn for is not in this world, but elsewhere, a home we’ve never seen. Why else, he argues, would we feel like such misfits and suffer from such anxiety unless we were exiles in a foreign land?
  • B.M. Dzukogi in the Eyes of some Nigerian Writers Compiled by Saddiq Dzukogi (dzukogi.wordpress.com)
    Sometime a poem may be inspired by a stubborn emotion that persistently troubles the mind of the poet… or a frustrating pool of thoughts generated by a contemporary excursion of the mind on an idea or phenomenon in the existential realm
  • Wordsworth on Wednesday (anythingbuthis.wordpress.com)
    he Poet is chiefly distinguished from other men by a greater promptness to think and feel without immediate external excitement, and a greater power in expressing such thoughts and feelings as are produced in him in that manner. But these passions and thoughts and feelings are the general passions and thoughts and feelings of men.
  • The Unattainable Obvious (oliviaanncaryehallstein.wordpress.com)
    Thoughts and dispositionsA history to be made

    They say poetry is dying

    Yet the poets’ soul lives on

    Needs and exhibitions

    A life waiting to be made

    Reality is changing

    Yet everything stays the same

  • With Influence That Lacked Integrity (twothousandtwohundredandeightyeight.wordpress.com)
    there were those,
    Who chose to rub shoulders…
    After searching whom first to cuddle.
    To obtain their confidence,
    In secret huddles.


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