Lonely Life

Lonely on the land I walk,
Lonely cross the sea I sail,
Lonely air of beach I stroll –
This lonely life doth take its toll.

Lonely trek of woodland trail,
Lonely mist in haze o’ dawn,
Lonely spies the bird of prey
In lonely circles all astray.

Lonely be the dark of night
When sleep is but a yearning wish,
To dream of sweet companions close,
As wine would pair with diner’s dish.

Lonely do these thoughts me make
That draw my blood of precious life;
Replace with stream of flowing pain
To bless my veins with coursing strife.

Lonely years are now my friends,
Lonely cries bereft of sound,
Lonely tears that cool my face
In lonely life of sullen pace.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009
All rights reserved

Mark R Slaughter is a biological scientist, who took up poetry to challenge his written skills. In march 2014 ‘Lonely Life’ was recited on the BBC by Mark Benson in the introduction to a documentary on loneliness.

  • The Lonely God (pangeanpoetry.wordpress.com)
    The Moon glares at the lonely god
    but says nothing,
    he knows the lonely god will not hear.The lonely god ignores the Moon,
    and rests his feet on Creation
    like a footstool.
  • Lonely yo-yo (introgirl74.wordpress.com)
    Trying to describe loneliness is an impossible task.  But I am going to try. Loneliness sometimes falls on me when the sun goes behind the clouds and no one is there to turn my light on.  I can’t quite focus clearly. I can’t quite see anything as it is.  My eyes feel tired.  I want to close my eyes and keep them closed for a long time.  It’s hard to look you in the eyes. I can stay in my little bubble.  I am hurting.  I don’t want you to see that.
  • Lonely among us (fearnoweebles.wordpress.com)
    The holidays. For many, they’re not cloyingly sweet happyfests like on the Hallmark Channel. No, for a lot of people, ’tis the season to be lonely. Loneliness is probably as old as time itself but I suspect it’s more virulent now than in days of yore.First, let’s get one thing straight: Being lonely is very different from being alone. You can be both, but not necessarily. You don’t have to be alone to be lonely, and you don’t have to be lonely when you’re alone.

    Loneliness hurts, emotionally and physically.

  • MIT’s New App Will Ensure You’re Never Lonely on a Business Trip Again (bostinno.streetwise.co)
    For the not-so-gregarious, business trips can be a rather solitary, sullen experience. Striking up random conversation with a stranger feels unnatural, so you’re left twiddling your thumbs at the hotel bar, quietly wondering whether or not gin is making a triumphant comeback.
  • The lonely watch (cdavey184.wordpress.com)
    When early hours are wakeful, and sleep departs,
    angst does come a creeping to sing its dire lament
    that refuses to be silenced to allow Morpheus to reign
    It’s haunting words repeated loudly, time on time again.
  • Lonely or Alone? (nibhz.wordpress.com)
    After a few days of silently listening and hiding behind the smiling mask, the phase still hasn’t wore off. Yah, the phase did strike and as always its not good this time either. It feels weird telling everyone that nothing is wrong because there isn’t anything wrong, everything is as perfect as before but it just doesn’t feel right.
    I have become the latest victim of loneliness and along with it the demons of the self-doubt, self-criticism and good-for-nothing feeling have become the unwelcomed visitors of my mind.
  • Lonely Boy. (talkingtofarhan.wordpress.com)
    Well I’m so above you
    And it’s plain to see
    But I came to love you anyway
    So you tore my heart out
    And I don’t mind bleeding
    Any old time to keep me waiting
    Waiting, waiting
  • To all of you lonely people (imgur.com)
    At least you can rest your head on your own shoulder
  • My Poem ‘The Lonely Word’ (poetofthesphere.com)
    You can sometimes think you are walking alone
    even when you are in a crowd;
    you can sometimes feel you are hearing nothing
    even when the world sounds so loud;
    you can sometimes see the world distorted;
    you can sometimes hear the distant call
    of someone who you may not have seen for a long time,
    who is nowhere even near you at that exact time-
    like the voice of a ghost,
    but even though you can’t see that person
    you have no doubt as to its origin,
    and you will swear on your life
    that you heard the person that you heard say what they said
    in the way and in the voice that they said it.
  • Blunderbuzzateen.. lonely (cryinforthedyin.wordpress.com)
    Wish I could take you places truth won’t threaten so.. like to help you.. be a friend.. just to let you know.. what you want in real thought.. dreamed and thought in bed..  truth will never serve a lie.. once seen and known in head..What is real is beautiful.. what is seen and real.. what is you.. you for true.. how and what you feel.. a road called honor.. goes to ‘Accomplish Way’.. one step toward a true life.. taken makes a better day..


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