Alone in the cold and dark

  • Alone in the Dark (
    Everyone Is gone, I look around, silence Is the sound,

    Where did they go, I do not know, I am somehow alone.

    A campsite of darkness Is a fun and peaceful place,

    A warm fire, friends, and laughter will liven up the night.

  • Not Going Back to Sleep (
    I’ve had less than three hours of sleep and I dreamt that I was chased by ‘something,’ overdosed on painkillers and later miraculously came back to life before I turned completely (dark) purple and choked myself to death.
  • God of Old Lonely Men (
    Sorrow lurks
    Doubt lurks
    In the dark corners of my mind,
    Waiting to convince me
    That wisdom will fail.
  • The Lonely Heart (
    The lonely heart sits in the silence and whispers into the thing air
    A message only his heart carry’s
    A message of one heart but with many voices
    He looks to see if there’s anyone watching him
    But all he sees is darkness, grief, pain and emptiness
    His muscles shiver as his mind is bombarded with voices
    Fear begins to take hold of his strength
  • In silence we weep. (
    In silence she wept,
    ‘It’s cold here’ she whispered.
    ‘It’s kinda lonely’ she murmured.
    ‘It’s sad’ she said.
    And for the lack of  anyone else,
    She wrapped her arms around herself.


It’s cold and dark

The oily, slippery road makes the dogs bark

Every stranger afraid of their bite

Loneliness strikes the heart, out like a light

It’s easy to feel lonely without knowing why

It’s easier to feel nothing when one is high

But even when you drown your sorrows

You confess your woes

Sometimes it’s what you refuse to say bothers you

That is the root of problems sometimes created by you

And when you face the music

Or the time comes when you feel truly fantastic

Good-bye My Loneliness Good-bye My Loneliness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You will no longer feel or want to feel lonely

Your soul will be at peace, life flowing gently

Those days you wish you would be gone

Erased, forgotten and leaving you with a happier tone

The day is coming

The day when we all no longer wish to be alone.

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