Overcoming Hurt Feelings

Many people may feel lonely or pushed away, because they had looked for a love or a connection which was not actually there. Nobody is perfect and nothing is perfect. If we plant our expectations to high we shall much easier become hurt. Do not expect to much of life but see in everything the beauty of life and live by positive aspirations.
As 83bc indicates we better leave those things that hurt us far away behind us and look forward to the positive things, always having a room free for what feels good.

  • Relationship Observations (charlielaneauthor.wordpress.com)
    Let me start by saying this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular and it’s not meant to be ‘anti-men’ because that isn’t me, women make just as many relationship mistakes.
  • Momma said there’d be days like this (bennyb15.wordpress.com)
    My latest novel “Wounded” was #4 on the best sellers list, and positive reviews were starting to roll in. One of my co-workers at the gym (my second job) asked if she could buy my book. I was happy. I never in a million years believed she would support it, but that happiness was cut short instantly when another co-worker said out loud “Ugh, I couldn’t even finish it. It had rape and shit with kids and I just couldn’t stomach it.” I was embarrassed, and a little angry by the comment. Apparently she didn’t get past the third page. While it was true, my story does have dark parts in it. “Wounded” is about overcoming your past and not letting it ruin and control your life. Luckily for me, the co-worker who was interested purchased the book, but I feared her mind was already tainted by the comment.
  • Triggers (randomnessarranged.wordpress.com)
    There are two sides to the coin. On the one side, we heal from wounds and move on (but are often left with scar tissue), which we’ve already discussed here (http://randomnessarranged.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/it-pains-me/) On the other side, the wound is not fully healed. There’s  a Band Aid on it so an outsider can’t really see how bad the cut is or how deep it runs, but it’s there…slightly protected from infection and it maybe even has the possibility of getting better if the Band Aid stays on.
  • Sometimes the s… (hopeinhealingblog.wordpress.com)
    More Than Skin Deep was born out of a passion and desire to help people who are struggling with self harm/self injury, as well as other addictive behaviors and/or mental health issues.
    Sometimes the strongest thing you will ever do will be to let go of someone.
  • 10 Strategies To Stop Being Easily Hurt Or Offended (xpresx.wordpress.com)
    As you interact with people, whether it be your boss, your family members or your friends, there is every opportunity to get hurt or irritated. Some people get hurt more easily than others. They can be particularly sensitive and take things to heart. We all do at some points in our lives.
  • You Are An Overcomer (thechattytexan.wordpress.com)
    In times of struggles, we can either focus on the negative or look at how we can grow from it. During the time I was being bullied, it was a faith building time for me. It was a time where I chose to believe what God says about me and stand firm on His Word, trusting that God is with me. I relied on Him during my time of trouble. However, more importantly, God helped me to overcome. Whatever you are facing today, know that you can overcome too.
  • The Power of Companionship (dailybibleplan.com)
    When the Lone Ranger had a job to do, he did not try to go it alone.  He always had Tonto there to help him.
    When one man falls, another can pick him back up. (Vs. 10)  Without someone to share this life with, we live a cold existence, but when others are present, we add “fire” to our lives. (Vs. 11)  When one man is attacked, he is likely to be overpowered but when two or more stand together, they can defend themselves. (Vs. 12)
  • Unforgiveable~Plumb (hopeinhealingblog.wordpress.com)
    I want to become brave and courageous
    Not buried in self-pity of my own
    Ashamed and alone from all
    That’s been done to me
    It’s not my fault I remind myself
  • Title-less. (livelaughlovedaily.wordpress.com)
    I’m struggling to overcome something right now. I mean, it’s not just right now because I’ve been struggling with this for a while…but it’s bothering me right now. One little thing triggers it time and time again… and I cannot overcome how different my upbringing has been to the people I’m surrounded by. It’s often placed a barrier in between me and the next person. See, I’ve been raised to be curteous and kind, loving and caring, conscientious and open minded, warm-heart and loyal. I give myself to others- friend or romantic interest – and yet, I’m often disappointed when I don’t receive the same. Is it too much to expect?
  • Breaking The False Safety Of Silence (bansutil.wordpress.com)
    I’ve thought and analized my battle. (Fishbone analysis!) Where does it come from? Why i cannot forgive? What do i need to be able to forgive? Is there anyway a person could do to make it easier for me to forgive? Yes, the crucial thing is – to confess. There is a big difference between admission and confession. Admission is acknowledgement of fact. Confession is acceptance of guilt in a crime or wrongdoing. Admitting involves softening, making excuses for things that cannot be excused whereas confessing just name the crime at its full severity. And that was something i needed…


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