Lonely so lonely

Lonely so lonely
So Lonely I am
Lonely and sad
Lonely So Lonely
So lonely it makes me mad
Lonely and empty
Lonely so Lonely i am
I am Lonely but i still can
Make things better i plan
Lonely so Lonely I still am
Lonely so Lonely
so Lonely i am

Shemar Malike Henry

How the Lonely Keep

How the Lonely Keep (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Is Feeling Lonely The Same As Feeling Empty ? (freewillgirl.wordpress.com)
    it seems I’ve been feeling lonely for quite some time. No matter how many phone calls I have with my best friends, no matter how much I may laugh throughout the day, no matter how much I make myself busy…the truth of the matter is I feel lonely.
  • Lonely… Empty… Why ? (firstaidforemotions.wordpress.com)
    We’re not animals. We need more than just physical nourishment. We need spiritual nourishment.
  • Lonely (English Version)-2NE1 (baoduy1994.wordpress.com)
    Baby I’m sorry even though you’re here I’m lonely
    I’m so selfish, I ain’t worthy of your heart
    Wait here, and watch me walk away
  • Lonely dude plus all-nighter in empty airport equals awesomeness (breitbart.com)
    A guy named Richard Dunn got stuck at McCarren International Airport overnight, after giving away his seats on two different flights for travel vouchers.  He had to kill time until 6:00 AM in an empty airport.  This is how he kept himself occupied.
  • Lonely Planet (inkstinct.wordpress.com)

    Like aliens in the dark night,

    hand in hand under the street light,

    two drunks head towards where they thought was home.

    Like outcasts that they are

    they both stumble down their chosen lonely path…

    for them love is a war territory!


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