Believe What You Will

You will see that you are right
but there is something beyond all this light
beyond all the theories and thoughts unexplained
something powerful and higher passed all caught by flames

take a breath and see that it exists in truth
the power will remain in wisdom given to youth
told by experience of pleasure and pain
something dear to hold like a precious moment in the rain

It’s fine to believe all that you wish
the more you search the enlightenment shall come faster
of greater hope and faith tighter than a cyclone’s twist

I plan to find God and understand his might
I know he’s there that’s why I don’t doubt or fear
all the thoughts that bring more questions, because they bring more to write

– Shane Engisch
English: Carolina Cyclone's first of two corks...

Carolina Cyclone’s first of two corkscrews at Carowinds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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