Anxiety’s Hold

Even the greatest moments, calmest actions, most peaceful energy, would be unable to tear it off once it sticks
it winds you up for everything and causes one to just pace instead
Eyes get dizzy from observation of another’s and can assimilate the same hold
Tension continues to escalate and bottling it up only makes the explosion imminent
No one likes it
Some look to escape through things that actually increase it
An insanity I’ve dealt with and still resisting
Depravity of vice while the resuscitation of life simultaneously reacts from one thought and act of will
It’s hell to deal with
I think the void between two lives would be more difficult than this
At least then you could be fascinated by the new journey
Than to continue the same and battle the duality of choosing a side
Or dealing with human ordeals such as quitting smoking or relationships
Decisions can create a hold on you, but when it’s out of nowhere….
The confusion continues the hold

– Shane Engisch

Shane Engisch was born and raised in Michigan. After High school in a small country town she went to college in a city near Detroit. All of her life she has aspired to be many things involving with the arts: Actor, musician, entertainer, martial artist, singer, dancer, but her best and foremost skill (according to her) is writing.






  • 6 Things To Say To Help Someone Through An Anxiety Attack (
    When you get sick, it feels hopeless and never-ending. I have never felt strong enough to survive an attack without becoming depressed or even sicker after. In my first article with Thought Catalog, I mentioned the startling fact that every hour at least one person goes to the ER for a panic attack. This hellish place we’re in feels like we’re fighting a hopeless fight against ourselves and our own bodies. Believing in people can go a long way, telling the person you believe in them can go even farther. Knowing that someone else is there for us can often be the little bit of strength that we need to get through.
  • 6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Anxiety (
    Anxiety needs a new perspective to the population, it’s not just worry, fear, or feeling scared. I’m almost scared to tell people that I have anxiety in fear to get a lecture on how to deal with it or get over it about coming from a person who probably has no factual information on this disorder or has ever been through. Next time you meet someone with anxiety, try to remember that it’s not something someone has any large control over — and if we could have our way, we wouldn’t even have anxiety in the first place.
  • Tweens and Anxiety (
    All children experience anxiety and it comes in many forms. Young children may experience separation anxiety when their mom or dad leave them with someone else for the first time. They may become scared at night and may want a nightlight – another form of anxiety begins. As children grow, it’s a parent’s job to calm the jitters and make them less anxious about the big world around them. But, for some tweens, being anxious can take on a whole new meaning. It can be the difference from having a productive and happy day or being completely unable to function, withdrawn, sad and depressed.
  • How to Get From Anxiety to Zen (
    “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” ~Bruce LeeThe best wellness tools involve mind games to keep us calm, focused and productive.But what happens when life gets stressful, as it inevitably does?
    When we’re stressed out, we tend to over-breathe (rapid, shallow breaths that resemble panting) which can lead to panic attacks, or under-breathe (hold our breath) which can cause dizziness or hyperventilation.
    Physical boundaries pertain to privacy and personal space. What’s the acceptable distance between you and another person? Are you comfortable with affection, or are you more reserved? Do you shake hands upon meeting someone? What does your home decor reveal? Are you organized or prone to clutter?
  • 10 Anxieties Brought On By Texting (
    Now that we’re fully aware of our ability to hide behind emotionless, glowing words, our yearning to somehow convey emotion has skyrocketed. The emphasis has shifted away from tonal inflection to grammatical nuances and emoticons. Since we’ve removed the audible voice from conversation, our need to know whether our digital voice was delivered, heard, and seen is now paramount to our sense of well-being. (Don’t deny it, the “seen” notification on messaging these days is the bane of your existence.)
  • Do You Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder? Find Your Symptoms on our Checklist (
    Anxiety is a fact of life. In fact, some anxiety is necessary. You need a little anxiety to get to work on time or to get to the grocery store before it closes. If you didn’t have anxiety, you wouldn’t know to get out of the way when you see a truck bearing down on you in the street.Anxiety can be a bad thing, however, if you worry that your boss doesn’t like you, even though you have no realistic evidence that he does not, or if you feel panic when there are “too many” people in the grocery store, or if you avoid crossing streets, because you never know when a truck is going to come out of nowhere.
  • What It’s Like To Have Severe Anxiety (
    Chronic anxiety is debilitating, and can leave you a mass of nerves, too terrified and nervous to even so much as leave your bed. The misconception of anxiety is that it’s just fear, something that everyone feels.
    Anxiety gave me the courage to fight. Anxiety let me appreciate my good moments a million times more. Anxiety has given be a better understanding of others. Anxiety made me realize it’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile.
  • What Is Anxiety Disorder (
    Most individuals suffering from chronic anxiety are treated with the use of both medication and therapy. In some cases, therapy alone is effective in reducing your anxiety symptoms and getting your life back to normal. With the help of your doctor you can develop a course of treatment that works for you and allows you to feel calmer and experience everyday activities without unnecessary worries
  • The Courage That Comes with Anxiety (
    Courage is not usually a word anxiety sufferers would list as one of their most outstanding attributes. Yet it should be.For even the best of lives are thorn-ridden with frustration, disappointment, and loss. Add the extremely difficult challenge of trudging through outer problems while contending with the inner turmoil of anxiety, and it’s apparent that fortitude, determination — and yes, courage — are some of the strengths that anxious people may not even realize they posses.Yet people with anxiety probably carry these strengths in higher reserves than those without anxiety.
  • Anxiety – Joy – A Journey (
    I strongly suggest that you read the article whether anxiety is a part of your life personally, of someone you know or of someone you may know in the future.  She has done an amazing job, in my opinion, of creating a window into a life with anxiety.

    Anxiety hurts. It’s the precise inverse of joy and blots out pleasure at its whim, leaving a dull, faded outline of the happiness that was supposed to happen. It’s also as sneaky as hell.”  Kit Kinsman

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