~ Sink or Swim ~

  • They’ve Only Gone and Done It (emmajayashton.com)
    Never was this feeling of being “had” by experience so strong as on the passage across the Atlantic. The whole thing has taken on a dreamlike haze. Absolutely mental, in other words. I mean, I sailed across the Atlantic! The bloody Atlantic! And while I was in foetal position quietly weeping for most of it, I still did it.
  • You Stand There (nimbusinabottle.wordpress.com)
    And you stand there. And I stand here.
    And a barrier keeps between
    A tsunami wave rising
    Almost surmising
    The silence settling unseen
    Like snowflakes, but redder
    Decorating your dark hair
    In a glorified haze
    Over numerous days
    Lying amid Asphodel, fair.
  • Total Submergence (sanesamantha.wordpress.com)
    There are times when we dive underwater to explore what rests below; to discover what can be found at such great depths within ourself. And then there are times when we go under not from our own choosing, but because something forced us under; our fingers slipped, and without premeditation, we suddenly let go.

    I’ve found that almost all of my answers can be found from looking within. Some answers I placed there years ago. Others surprise me with their appearance. Memories dwell inside us like colorful coral reefs. And when the time is right we swim gently around every outcropping, allowing ourselves to live in the memory.

  • LUI: Peace and Freedom (kittypalmer.wordpress.com)
    Stressed and frustrated I exited the building. Why had everything changed? I had just gotten a handle on the procedures and was beginning to feel confident about my abilities. Now I had to change again to keep up with the new requirements placed on me. I was angry and needed a release.  “Ok God, you have to help me.” With my ear buds in and MP3 player turned on I tried to find that place where the cares of this world disappeared, just like when I was a kid.
  • ~ Sink or Swim ~ (rajasinsight.com)
  • Swim/Sink (brokenfigments.wordpress.com)
  • Poseidon Drooled (danielraythomason.wordpress.com)
    She swims with the tradition in her grandma’s shins,
    the tradition in her mother’s knees,
    and the rendition in her summer tees
    where transgressions bend about in a trustful wind that seems to please the morning sea–
  • sinking (ciarajohnson.com)
    it’s just what i need right now.

    the wetness smears it all away,

    you would want it too…  if only i could feel like you

    but i don’t.

    so let’s sink.

  • Ocean’s Huge Underwater Waves Explained By Seafloor Ridges (VIDEO) (huffingtonpost.com)
  • Underwater Adventures – Jamaica (emilyhambi.wordpress.com)


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