Darkness’s Pain

Darkness’s Pain

All the happiness has left,
the dream is now gone.
There’s no motive or reason,
it was merely withdrawn.

It all trickled out,
through the hole in my heart.
All that’s left is the pain,
and through this pain I now part.

I wanted to put it all aside,
I wanted to throw it all away.
And just ignore it all till’ death,
to just make everything okay.

But it wont be okay,
I want it to leave.
To just let it go,
through the wind it will weave.

But that is not life’s wish,
and so this pain I will keep.
Through this pain I will sink,
down to the darkness so deep.

– Sun Sun
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  • Avoid the Deep, Dark Hole (patticapparelli.com)
    It may happen when you look at your bank account balance. Or when you hear of a friend’s skyrocketing success or when you see someone else having what you’ve wanted for yourself for so long.Yes, there it is – that sinking feeling in your heart that carries the pain of unmet dreams, aspirations and goals.How can you bridge the pain between where you are and where you want to be? How can you put the brakes on pounding yourself into the ground?
  • Tooth Of The Day (oyiabrown.com) > Tooth Of The Day

    If you feel like your ship is sinking,
    it might be a good time to throw out the stuff that’s been weighing it down.
    Let go of people who bring you down, and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.

  • Hanaa – An Uknown Shattering – Part 2 (themuslimahpoetess.wordpress.com)
    Black was the in-color for ‘emo struggling’ girls. Like Hanaa. Yet again, before her thoughts could glimpse through last night’s events, she shuts her mind to it and focuses on pink. The color was every girl’s trademark, but for Hanaa, pink defined innocence, it described beauty and it could always activate her happy moods. And so it does as she takes a deep breath, inhaling the fragrance and smiles.
    Her suppressed thoughts now take a crucial turn, her inner voice echoes loud and clear, tearing her up from the inside. She submits herself to a reality check which pricks hard and fast, the fear of standing and giving account of last night’s felony to her Maker.
    What excuses will she make in front of Al A’zeez who granted her this very life? How dare she take a step like this that went against the laws of Allah, which could make her forever rot in the blazing fire and call for a torment which she could never imagine?”
  • Emotional Sinkholes: Friday Flashback (lesliegnelson.com)
    when I have bad days, it helps me to read these old posts and realize that I have come a long way.  I still have a long way to go, but I am making progress.  The pain is not now as overwhelming as it used to be.  Fellow survivors, hold on! We can do this, one day, sometimes one hour at a time.
    “Gee, that is terrible that you were abused as a child, but that was a long time ago.  Aren’t you glad that is in the past?  What do you mean it is bothering you now?  Can’t you just let it go?”Ah, ignorance Is bliss.  It is easier not to know.However, as I have told you before, the unconscious will not be ignored forever.Childhood is many things.  One of the purposes of childhood is learning coping skills.  A child falls skins a knee and is comforted by a loving parent.  Eventually the child will fall skin his knee, comfort himself and resume playing.  However, what happens when a child is confronted with a pain so deep that even an adult would have trouble processing it, and the child is Not comforted?
    Her trailing fingers stroke the shafts, calling from each its proud-headed beast. With those beasts, each in turn, she dances the Dance of Weddings, spinning together while holding close. She dances first with the toad, spinning, dancing, spinning and holding. But the toad transforms and is then a sow. And again she is dancing, spinning and holding – now with the goat, and the cold-blooded snake, and with the hot-blooded fox – until at the last she dances with him, the waiting one, his face ever-hidden behind a black veil.
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  • ..Darkest.. (randomlyabstract.wordpress.com)
  • “Prayer 2″ – Child Abuse (fallenangel5193.wordpress.com)
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