If Peace Should Be Peaceful

If Peace Should Be Peaceful

Someone, whose name I remember not,
Held in high esteem by friend and foe alike,
Said, ‘ There is no good war, neither bad peace.’
How true! How obvious! It seemed
at first glance.
But then, peace also is not peaceful at times.
Peace! Peace! Peace!
All peoples, of all ages
All creatures of all orders
And philosophers throughout the ages,
Sang, extolled, and praised and sought it;
It was preached from church altars,
It was taught from podiums in halls of world gatherings.
But peace has not always been peaceful.
Peace, much desired, much sought after, as it is;
Is abhorred, derided and avoided just as much.
For peace also needs to be peaceful.
And for peace to be so peaceful we need to build on peace.
If peace should be peaceful, it must needs be peaceful.
And this- possible only when people are at peace with themselves-;
Because, as it were, one cannot give what he hath not.
(‘nemo dat quod non habet’) .

– Isaias Yemane
English: Second Floor, Northwest Gallery. Mura...

English: Second Floor, Northwest Gallery. Mural of Peace by Gari Melchers. Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Cropped from the Library of Congress digital version using the GIMP. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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3 responses to “If Peace Should Be Peaceful

  1. True!Peace should be peaceful 🙂


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